DJ Sledge – Bushmen Records

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Warning. This is popular trance electro house. Very popular. Almost to popular, but we give it a try. DJ Sledge is from South Africa and mixes like hell. The time has come for DJ Sledge to head into the proverbial sunset.

For personal reasons he has decided to leave the safe confines of Bushmen Records and to head back into the underground. As per his request his releases will not be available from the Bushmen Records website or

Trancy. Plastic. Bitch. Techno.

Download DJ Sledge – Bitch Dust [Creative Commons license]

Thanks to Bushmen Records for the tip. Thanks for the image goes to clintjcl

Professor Kliq – The most beautiful day

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Professor Kliq from Chicago, otherwise known as Mike Else, has been making music for over a decade. Raised on 80’s and 90’s electro-pop, house and big beat, he started making several kinds of electronic music at age 13.

Booombastic beats with pop synths.

Download Professor Kliq – The most beautiful day [Creative Commons license]

Cocolixe – no-source Netlabel

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Barcelona-based producer Cocolixe sounds with chilled beats. An electro-pop frying pan to bring colour, brightness and sense to the day to day city life.

Electro-pop for a bright hot day.

Download Cocolixe – A Day of Happiness [Creative Commons license]

Thanks to no-source Netlabel for the tip.

AXMusique – Brennnessel Netlabel

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Brennnessel is a polish netlabel focused on electronic music under a Creative Commons license.

Soon they will launch a new project called Brennnessel Nacht with a series of gigs by Brennnessel artists. That’s the way to go.

Our favorite track is from AXMusique.

Download AXMusiqe – Second. The same. Insipid. Fresh electronic beats with rocking guitar riffs.

AXMusique is an unusual duet of two producers. Although their sound would have suggested electro and minimal house inclination, their inspiration came up from something totally different. On one hand this rock’n’roll with all characteristic love to energetic riffs and powerful vocal parts.

Download AXMusique – somewhere something

Thanks for the tip goes to Good Netlabels.