A Virtual Friend – A55hol3

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These tracks sum up 2016 pretty much. A55hol3s, dicks, jerks, bastards and egoistic criminals started ruling the world. Such a shame. Frustrated people would send their enemies glitter, we send them 2016-a-like tracks.

A Virtual Friend deliver five danceable tracks from electro, disco to house all over to edm with just one message:

You are just an A55hol3, you are just a dick.

Tweet it to your enemies. Now. Let them know you don’t agree with their views. Let them know their concepts are far away from what you think is a sustainable developement. And don’t forget to add a cute dolphin, they don’t deserve better.

I swear to god I will hurt you. It’s time to pay for all your crimes.

Bad times are good times for culture. Let them know, we’re here (to dance peacefully) and we don’t agree. Such a shame.

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Spotlight – The.madpix.project

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Daniel Brunner from Munich, Germany is the overly successful The.madpix.project. We had him on our Spotlight chat and asked him about success, live and everything.

Hey, Daniel. You’re a DJ and musician from Munich with over one million plays. How’s the beer and live in Munich?

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Spotlight – The Polish Ambassador

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The Polish Ambassador is the wizard of the yellow jump suit. He catched our attention 10 year ago, when we heard his sound. He was playing in small venues, had an unpolished but refreshing synth sound and his internet productions where…hmmm…weird, but we were sure: This guy is going places. Meanwhile the sound is more polished but he still jumps in his suit.

We digged deep in our archives, restored millions of records, run virtual instances of servers, rebuilt databases and are happy to bring to you the 10 years old and long-lost interview with the one and only Polish Ambassador who just released some new and wonderful polished synth track who reminded us of our past who brings us the future.

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Dj Speedy aka Harvey Miller dedicates tracks to starfrosch

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Do you remember our Spotlight about free music with DJ Speedy aka Harvey Miller? The guy who sold over 25 million records, who worked with Beyoncé, Big Boi of Outkast, Nelly or Jay-Z, stayed in contact with us and asked starfrosch to create a track for us. Who would say no?

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Stefan Biniak – Aleah – Water and Wine

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Stefan Biniak is from Berlin, yep you’re right, that’s in Germany. He likes quotes from Jim Morrison we like too. He creates tracks we adore. It makes it easy to nod your head while having a good time.

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