A Virtual Friend – A55hol3

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These tracks sum up 2016 pretty much. A55hol3s, dicks, jerks, bastards and egoistic criminals started ruling the world. Such a shame. Frustrated people would send their enemies glitter, we send them 2016-a-like tracks.

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World Premiere: A Virtual Friend – Crazy Like A Fox

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It’s a special pleasure for starfrosch to announce the world premiere of the intelligent electro pop track “Crazy Like A Fox” from A Virtual Friend.

A Virtual Friend are Antoine and Valérie from Neuchâtel in Switzerland. They have been supported by Cédric Liardet (notterecords), Pascal Brunkow (damp studio), Jan Peyer (bass) and Marc Mandril Ferrario (artwork). Together they produced a danceable world-class track with Valéries cute french accent and a wide refrain.

The song talks about Metis, a cunning and practical intelligence in the ancient greek. This particular form of intelligence combines a tactical and intuitive mind that is difficult to define, but is everywhere: in the mind of the strategist, the hunter or handyman.

“We wanted to point the positive aspect of this kind of intelligence which is often seen as a bad thing” says Valérie from A Virtual friend “Cunning includes creativity and just playing against intellectual routines and habitual thought processes. We use the Fox and the Crow fable to celebrate this kind of intelligence.”

Clever electro pop.

Download A Virtual Friend – Crazy Like A Fox [Creative Commons license]

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Dënver – El fondo del barro – Ulabel

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Here’s Dënver, a bloody duo from San Felipe with “Sangre Cita”. It’s the fourth work of Milton Mahan and Mariana Montenegro. Sangre means blood and there’s a lot of it around their work.

Some plastic, some pop, some techno and a heavy dose of electro pop makes this album danceable.

Have a vampire for lunch.

Download Dënver – El fondo del barro [Creative Commons license]

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Dylan Hyde – Anthem

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Have you heard Anthem already? Singing is one of Dylan Hyde‘s talents. His whole family was surprised. His fast growing fanbase motivated him and his family to move to LA to further develop his career.

This paid off in working with producer Babyface. Dylan met Cody Simpson and legendary music manager Johnny Wright. Wright has launched the biggest names in Pop music like Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC and Jonas Brothers.

Watch out for sweetest R&B with a lot of potential.

Download Dylan Hyde – Anthem [Creative Commons license]

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Lie Craze – fwonk Netlabel

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Lie Craze is the female Berlin based electro pop artist with catchy, honest lyrics and sound.

Lyrics are very important to me. When I hear a catchy pop tune but the lyrics are just that same outworn sentence about love or la la la all the time I get really upset over the waste of a good idea.

Lie Craze is a electro punk rock singer in her teenage years with short and pregnant tracks neglecting standard structures and formalities.

Die alive, electro trash pop.

Download Lie Craze – Die Alive [Creative Commons license]

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