A Virtual Friend – A55hol3

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These tracks sum up 2016 pretty much. A55hol3s, dicks, jerks, bastards and egoistic criminals started ruling the world. Such a shame. Frustrated people would send their enemies glitter, we send them 2016-a-like tracks.

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World Premiere: A Virtual Friend – Crazy Like A Fox

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It’s a special pleasure for starfrosch to announce the world premiere of the intelligent electro pop track “Crazy Like A Fox” from A Virtual Friend.

A Virtual Friend are Antoine and Valérie from Neuchâtel in Switzerland. They have been supported by Cédric Liardet (notterecords), Pascal Brunkow (damp studio), Jan Peyer (bass) and Marc Mandril Ferrario (artwork). Together they produced a danceable world-class track with Valéries cute french accent and a wide refrain.

The song talks about Metis, a cunning and practical intelligence in the ancient greek. This particular form of intelligence combines a tactical and intuitive mind that is difficult to define, but is everywhere: in the mind of the strategist, the hunter or handyman.

“We wanted to point the positive aspect of this kind of intelligence which is often seen as a bad thing” says Valérie from A Virtual friend “Cunning includes creativity and just playing against intellectual routines and habitual thought processes. We use the Fox and the Crow fable to celebrate this kind of intelligence.”

Clever electro pop.

Download A Virtual Friend – Crazy Like A Fox [Creative Commons license]

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Cyberpunkers – Sick Track

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Two introverted, cute and masked artists from Milan are the Cyberpunkers. The project was born in 2006 and ever since then grows with the two italian DJs.

Always danceable, always clubby and with a punk attitude. We have never seen a punk on a clubby dance floor, but nevermind, it sounds good, dirty and if you like it: distorted and overcompressed.

Clubby rubber duck dance floor punk.

Download Cypberpunkers – Sick Track [Creative Commons license]

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A Virtual Friend live at #hot100 Show

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A Virtual Friend

A Virtual Friend are from Switzerland, but you wouldn’t expect that. Their driving electro sound took them already on a China and Japan tour.

We’re very happy to have them this Good Friday April 3rd with us at the #hot100 Show at Dock 18 / Rote Fabrik Zurich, Switzerland.

For those at home and you on the inter-nets, we’ll video tape the show and broadcast it live on our radio.

Here are some sound and video examples we really like.

A Virtual Friend & Leevey – Once Again Remix

A pretty sick remix back from 2014
A Virtual Friend // Sorry (Neon Stereo Radio Remix)

We digged a little bit on Soundcloud and found those four Creative Commons licensed freebies.

A Virtual Friend – I Don’t Cry

A Virtual Friend – Fairy Tale

A Virtual Friend – Paris La Nuit

A Virtual Friend – Paris La Nuit Leevey Remix

…and see what happens, when you use a Creative Commons license. It spreads. To Cosplay Supernova Sydney.

So join us. They’ll be there. We’ll be there. Live.