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starfrosch launched starfrosch Radio 1, Radio 2 and 3. 1 is eclectic, 2 electronic and 3 urban stuff.

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Zion Dirty Sound – Dubophonic

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The story of Djirbil and Faida is just as amazing as their music. Djibril was born in the suburbs of Paris back in 1986 and started making music by playing the guitar, bass and drums in various punk rock bands in France and Belgium, while later he touched reggae and dub through some friends who were operating a sound system.

The other half of the band, Faida AKA Sister Raphaelle, was born 1986 in Mamoudzou, Comoros, between Madagascar and Mozambique. She started singing from childhood, influenced by the soul of the African music. 1996 she arrives to France to live in the suburbs of Paris.

The two got closer together during one of their gigs as members of the Acoustic Groove Orchestra and their love story has led into marriage.

We love happy ends. Have a happy dub, mama africa.

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DubTime – Kripton Recordings

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Born in Barcelona, currently residing in Granada, Dubtime is a DJ and producer who was searching for his own style over several years. He combines reggae, hip hop, dub, dubstep, electro and drum’n’bass among with others.

Mix that dub.

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Sparky Riot – Sound & Power

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Born at the end of the year 2012, Sparky Riot is built around the common love of the vocalist Daman and the producer 4bstr4ck3r for the Dub music.
Blending influences such as early dancehall, dubstep, or even traditional musics, combining libertarian lyrics and sparky vibes,

Dance with a smile on your face.

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Dubamix – Pour qui sonne le dub?

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Dubamix from France engage a lot against racism and hate and they do it with a good portion of dub. Β Join the forces and share the message.

Dub against racism.

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