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starfrosch launched starfrosch Radio 1, Radio 2 and 3. 1 is eclectic, 2 electronic and 3 urban stuff.

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starfrosch – Sleeping Alone (feat. Sky the Dog)

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Sky the Dogs almost vocal only track stuck into my ears and sat there until I wanted to be part of that journey and did a remix. Sky the Dog is a high energy performer from Red Wing, U.S.A. Check out his other shit on SoundCloud and BandCamp, there’s talent on board.

I didn’t change the track to much, but felt to add some more drive and sadness into it. The vocals seem to be inspired by a religious chant with a touch of soul and R&B.

They very much remind me to traditional chants from the south pacific, where I spent over half a year years ago. It was a good and very relaxed time what I like to think back to. This song brings back all the good feelings with a touch of wishfulness.

Download starfrosch – Sleeping Alone (feat. Sky the Dog) [Creative Commons license]

When I reached 1000 plays/downloads on SoundCloud, I felt inspired to create a calm an relaxing video with people walking backwards to those good times. Walking backwards in thoughts never feels wrong as long as you walk forward in reality.

Just one note. I used starfroschs (my own) Boost Feature to promote the track. Have a look at the SoundCloud statistics, it’s great fun and you could use it too and support my work around starfrosch as Coder, System Engineer, Communicator and Artist.

Enjoy life.

Eternal Hunger – New life (Feat. Angelica Blaze)

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Eternal Hunger is grilling orchestral sound with Trap, Dubstep, Drum & Bass & Glitch-Hop for the hungry ones.

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ArpXP & Reza – When You Gone

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ArpXP is a DJ producer and graphic designer based in Cagliari, Sardinia. His style is a standard blend of drum & bass, future garage breaks and deep dubstep widely covering the modern bass music spectrum in its cutting edge aspects from 120 to 170 bpm.

When it comes to highly traditional, standardized drum & bass, there is just one thing that you can’t miss: The Amen Break.

In 2013 Metalheadz released ‘When You Gone’ by Reza & ArpXP. In 2016 ArpXP has given the track an Amen re-edit.

Drum & bass the way you like it.

Download ArpXP & Reza – When You Gone [Creative Commons license]

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Rameses B – Essence EP

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Rameses B from Leeds in the U.K. drops another fine record. Hard to believe that this record is totally free.

Sweet melodies combined with ambient soundscapes and spiritual vocal fragments take you on a reflective trip.

Kiss me is the highlight of the album. Liquid and light drum&bass shit. Who doesn’t wants to get kissed by a track like this?

Have a nice trip.

[Creative Commons license]

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