ArpXP & Reza – When You Gone

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ArpXP is a DJ producer and graphic designer based in Cagliari, Sardinia. His style is a standard blend of drum & bass, future garage breaks and deep dubstep widely covering the modern bass music spectrum in its cutting edge aspects from 120 to 170 bpm.

When it comes to highly traditional, standardized drum & bass, there is just one thing that you can’t miss: The Amen Break.

In 2013 Metalheadz released ‘When You Gone’ by Reza & ArpXP. In 2016 ArpXP has given the track an Amen re-edit.

Drum & bass the way you like it.

Download ArpXP & Reza – When You Gone [Creative Commons license]

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Rameses B – Essence EP

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Rameses B from Leeds in the U.K. drops another fine record. Hard to believe that this record is totally free.

Sweet melodies combined with ambient soundscapes and spiritual vocal fragments take you on a reflective trip.

Kiss me is the highlight of the album. Liquid and light drum&bass shit. Who doesn’t wants to get kissed by a track like this?

Have a nice trip.

[Creative Commons license]

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A Himitsu – Smile

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Jonas Erixon is A Himitsu, a 19 year old young producer from Västerås, Sweden. In May of 2012, half of the top 10 songs on the Billboard Hot 111 were written or produced by Swedes. Incredible.

He played in a death metal band before, where he learned to record. You can hear this very good in his well balanced production. A Himitsu doesn’t create pop, but he has an excellent feeling for building up a song.

Enjoy this popular Drum&Bass production. Just give the track some time to develop.

Download A Himitsu – Smile at Soundcloud
[Creative Commons license]

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Rameses B – With you

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Rameses B probably needs no introduction. Just for the records: He’s from Leeds in the U.K., makes melodic Drum&Bass and drops his excellent freebie.

Melodic Drum&Bass

Download Ramses B – With you [Creative Commons license]

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Simon V Remix – Klangstabil – Isabella’s Hochzeit

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Simon V is back. He was never away. We just almost forgot, he existed. He remixed the groundbreaking Klangstabil – Isabella’s Hochzeit from the album “Straftat gegen das Leben”.

Imagine a deep and dark sky with clouds full of sound. Suddenly the rain starts falling. Lighting and thunder alter the scene.

Cloudspotter – Another D&B work by Simon V.

Simon V is a master of his subject, since years he prouduces excellent Drum&Bass and Electronic sounds and shares them, almost before the internet existed. Enjoy this ride through a dark and rainy landscape with a wall of sound.

Dark clouds of sound. Just wait for the thunders.

Download Simon V Remix – Klangstabil – Isabella’s Hochzeit [Creative Commons license]

Before you all start asking: We have the written permission from Klangstabil and Simon V to license this track under CC.