Arcadi Volodos and Boris Berezovsky @ Art-Dialog Festival Biel

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It is a rather unique opportunity to listen to two of the most distinguished Russian Pianists of our time within six days. The Art Dialog Society based in Biel, Switzerland, made this possible in october 2018. This society was founded to create new forms of artistic performances and to let them interfere with other ways of cultural expressions. Its festival usually takes place in spring and summer. It’s due to the world-renowned pianists that their concerts were scheduled exceptionally this fall.

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Kai Engel – Low Horizon

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Anton Stanislavovich Fedchenkov is Kai Engel, a young russian new classical composer from Moscow. Sometimes bombastic, sometimes just silent and calm he creates soundscapes for relaxed moments.

His areas of interest are quite diverse, ranging from neoclassical and epic soundtrack music to meditative ambient and experimental IDM tracks.

Dive deep and slowly into the sea.

Download Kai Engel – Low Horizon [Creative Commons license]

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myuu – Reversion 2015

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myuu is a musician who loves writing dark piano songs. He always tries to make the music sound creepy and beautiful at the same time.

In addition, he also composes orchestrated pieces and industrial work.

Silently dive into a melancholic mood.

Download myuu – Reversion 2015
[Creative Commons license]

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Tom Fahy – Auralnaut

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Tom Fahy is a multi instrumentalist, who died according to this blog post Juneย 2009, someone at Auralnaut Records still keepsย his music alive and even blogs under his nameย and releases new music. Whatever the truth is, his new classical piano pieces are pure light. “Die letzte Geburt Haus” tells us, the title of the track should be german, but it’s not. It seems communication around Tom Fahy is pretty strange, but nevermind, the music is awesome.

Bring back Amรฉlie.

Download Tom Fahi – Die letzte Geburt Haus [Creative Commons license] Download full album.

Thanks to Auralnaut for the tip.