starfrosch – Trap MP3

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Who’s angry? Trap is angry and aggressive. Enjoy this fully SEO optimized no copyright free trap music mp3 download for your projects.

Download starfrosch – Trap MP3 [Creative Commons license]

You only want the beat? Here we go. Tag me when you use it, I want to check out your works.

Download starfrosch – Trap Beat (WAV) [Creative Commons license]

Most followed artists on the #hot111

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Since a few month you can follow artists on the #hot111. Here are the most followed artists and their most successful tracks.


starfrosch on the #hot111
Thanks a lot. I should probably produce more tracks.

Josh Lis

Josh Liz/Eva on the #hot111


OZSOUND on the #hot111

Soft Wasp

Soft Wasp on the #hot111


Lightfoot on the #hot111


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nctrnm on the #hot111

TRG Banks

TRG Banks on the #hot111


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Ask Again

Ask Again on the #hot111

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Updated Privacy Policy – Deep House

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Oh my dear, the whole internet has updated the Privacy Policy. We snuggled with our legal team here it is: Our shiny, human readable updated Privacy Policy.

Stay safe as your data is. No, you haven’t wasted your time reading this. Here’s some Deep House from starfrosch, that’s what we like. Music and data. We keep running for ya. Day and night. Let’s going hit the streets yeah.

Download starfrosch – Deep Running (feat. Elske) [Creative Commons license]

…ok, more like Future Bass?

Download starfrosch – Running Time So We Rise Again (Jens East x Tranquil x Kerusu) [Creative Commons license]

…prefer experimental minimal?

[Creative Commons license]

starfrosch – Sleeping Alone (feat. Sky the Dog)

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Sky the Dogs almost vocal only track stuck into my ears and sat there until I wanted to be part of that journey and did a remix. Sky the Dog is a high energy performer from Red Wing, U.S.A. Check out his other shit on SoundCloud and BandCamp, there’s talent on board.

I didn’t change the track to much, but felt to add some more drive and sadness into it. The vocals seem to be inspired by a religious chant with a touch of soul and R&B.

They very much remind me to traditional chants from the south pacific, where I spent over half a year years ago. It was a good and very relaxed time what I like to think back to. This song brings back all the good feelings with a touch of wishfulness.

Download starfrosch – Sleeping Alone (feat. Sky the Dog) [Creative Commons license]

When I reached 1000 plays/downloads on SoundCloud, I felt inspired to create a calm an relaxing video with people walking backwards to those good times. Walking backwards in thoughts never feels wrong as long as you walk forward in reality.

Just one note. I used starfroschs (my own) Boost Feature to promote the track. Have a look at the SoundCloud statistics, it’s great fun and you could use it too and support my work around starfrosch as Coder, System Engineer, Communicator and Artist.

Enjoy life.

Free the music – Vol. 4 – Chill – B-Side

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Free the music – Vol. 4 – Chill – B-Side features the very best Chillout, Chillwave & Relaxed tracks. All licensed, according to the artists published CC-BY license, for free commercial reuse in Games, Videos, Podcasts or YouTube.

Head over to BandCamp and pay what you want. We appreciate every donation. It’s free.

Free the music – Vol. 4 – Chill – B-Side

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