HoneyChrome – Daylight Animal

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HoneyChrome is crossing pop, alternative & electronic treasures. Armed with a laptop, Kaossilator, kicks, a affordable mic and a vision, he is carving a unique path in today’s musical landscape. He paint with emotions, produces with love, dances for fun and sings for delight.

The queer weirdness in his production result in some attraction. Is it bad taste or just the unexpected and unheard style that makes it fascinating? If you don’t know what it is, it’s probably crap or art.

Nobody said mainstream.

Download HoneyChrome – Daylight Animal [Creative Commons license]

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Arrow & Olive – Our Place

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Kate Carlson and Michael McEachern are Arrow & Olive an Indie pop-folk duo from Nashville. They played their first show 2015 in the Cleveland Park Community Center @ 11:05am at the Nashville Neighbourhoods Celebration. We totally missed that.

Intimate folk.

Download Arrow & Olive – Our Place [Creative Commons license]

The Freak Fandango Orchestra – Tales Of A Dead Fish

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The Freak Fandango Orchestra is a multi-ethnic band from Barcelona (Spain). The band is performing live since 2007. You can see them a lot around Barcelona but they also play at international venues, like for example at the New York Gypsy Festival 2011.

To celebrate over 400’000 downloads of their album Tales Of A Dead Fish we ask you to dance wild and uncontrolled. Uncontrolled.

Heissa, hossa, gipsy kings.

Download The Freak Fandango Orchestra – Requiem For A Fish [Creative Commons license]

Download full album.

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Dada & The Weatherman – Fuck It

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We should say more fuck it or just fuck, but note the difference between fuck you and fuck it. For this review zero fucks have been given. So fuck it.

Btw: Dada & The Weatherman are from Paris, the city of love and yeah, they got the groove.

Just say fuck it and just go to hell.

Download Dada & The Weatherman – Fuck It [Creative Commons license]

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