Cocolixe – no-source Netlabel

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After its first EP “Futuro”, the Barcelona-based artist Cocolixe delivers a more personal and song-oriented work.The longing for the past and puzzlement in front of the future coexist in these four warm electro-pop songs, leading us step by step from melancholy to enthusiasm. Referring to european 60’s and 70’s cinema and music, “Domรฉstico” invites us to enjoy cosmopolitanism quiet into our private space.

Excellent warm electro.

Download Cocolixe – Giving Myself To You [Creative Commons license] Download full album.

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Starlight Girls

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Starlight Girls. Buzz go these busy bees of Brooklyn as they collect the pollen of sights and sounds to make acid-laced honey for the slutty children of corporate America. Spread it on your toast and put it in your tea. Starlight Girls borrow their retro chic from the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. One guy says it sounds like โ€œRainbow Brite ate acid on Halloweenโ€. Some girl thinks โ€œit sounds like lesbian gypsy musicโ€. They would like to come on a European tour. Any bookers around here?

Retro pop.

[Creative Commons license]

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QualooD – Audiocast Productions Netlabel

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The QualooDโ€™s project was founded by chino.K and Kine in the 2008, after meeting during a multisensory event of electronic music, audio & video installations of the Romanโ€™s Underground. Born with the intention of creating a sort of fusion between dark-ambient music of chino.K and the breaks and syncopated drums of Kine.

“A Nice Chilled Plate of Atmospheric Beats” is a Downtempo Album influenced by Dub, because in the last 2 years QualooD has listened to so much music in this genre. This release contains 16 tracks and is divided into 2 part, the first seven tracks are the old QualooD, then “Play + Pause (New Era)” open the road to the new QualooD, more Dub and more Smoothness and Chill.

Groove Salad ahoy.

Download QualooD – Domino [Creative Commons license] Download full album.

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ACL – Faturenet Recordings

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From Poland to UK through Uruguay and the Netherlands, with fiddles, accordion, and acoustic guitar on hand, Sebastian Dudko proudly presents his biggest project ever – Golden Fish from Azotic Compounds Laboratory.

Don’t feed the synth fish.

Download Sebastian Dudko Pablo V Remix – Odd One Out [Creative Commons license] Download full album.

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G-Eazy – The Endless Summer

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G-Eazy brings you a new album: The Endless Summer. He sampled primarily doo-wop and rock records from the late 50s early 60s on here, to give it the vintage sound, however he modernized it by mashing it up with hip-hop drums.

Retro influenced James Dean hip-hop.

[Creative Commons license]

Watch the latest video. Very retro.

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