Fuse – No Matter How You See It

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Fuse is the brainchild of local Atlanta musicians and songwriters, Byro + Merlo. They feature a variety of alternative rock, pop, classic rock and electronic pop. The goal is to write music that inspires, moves and rocks both as a band but also for placement in movies, tv and for other up and coming artists.

No Matter How You See it. Every night and day you breath it anyway.


Download Fuse – No Matter How You See It [Creative Commons license]

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Simon V Remix – Klangstabil – Isabella’s Hochzeit

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Simon V is back. He was never away. We just almost forgot, he existed. He remixed the groundbreaking Klangstabil – Isabella’s Hochzeit from the album “Straftat gegen das Leben”.

Imagine a deep and dark sky with clouds full of sound. Suddenly the rain starts falling. Lighting and thunder alter the scene.

Cloudspotter – Another D&B work by Simon V.

Simon V is a master of his subject, since years he prouduces excellent Drum&Bass and Electronic sounds and shares them, almost before the internet existed. Enjoy this ride through a dark and rainy landscape with a wall of sound.

Dark clouds of sound. Just wait for the thunders.

Download Simon V Remix – Klangstabil – Isabella’s Hochzeit [Creative Commons license]

Before you all start asking: We have the written permission from Klangstabil and Simon V to license this track under CC.

Sparky Riot – Sound & Power

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Born at the end of the year 2012, Sparky Riot is built around the common love of the vocalist Daman and the producer 4bstr4ck3r for the Dub music.
Blending influences such as early dancehall, dubstep, or even traditional musics, combining libertarian lyrics and sparky vibes,

Dance with a smile on your face.

[Creative Commons license] Download at Bandcamp.

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TV Girl – French Exit

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TV Girl is a musical ensemble that works in the mediums of recordings and live performances and they sound like hmmm, uhhhm, ehhh indie-pop.

Blurry girly sounds.

[Creative Commons license] Download full album at Bandcamp.

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Ukulele Clan Band – About a Chamaka

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The Ukulele Clan Band is a folk rock group from Colmenar Viejo, Madrid in Spain. They founded in summer 2009 live on the streets, where they were always looking to reach a big audience. Inspired by folk, bluegrass, rock’n’roll they have a great party.

Mucho gusto.

Β [Creative Commons license]

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