Arrow & Olive – Arrow & Olive

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Arrow & Olive from Nashville are Kate Carlson and Michael McEachern. They play something between indie, folk and pop. We like these tiny little songs about love and hope. After their first single “Our Place” they release the self-titled album “Arrow & Olive”.

More intimate folk.

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Moira Waugh – How Lucky I Am

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Moira Waugh is a Brit living in Florida with her American singer-songwriter husband Mark Bass. She is a storyteller with her lyrics. She delivers them with captivating sincerity and a beautiful, expressive voice. Siobhan Dakay composes jazzy pop compositions to amplify Moiraโ€™s vocals.

Thinkroot Records announces February 9, 2016 the release of the first single “How lucky I Am” from the upcoming album “The Wrong Girl”. Be prepared for the upcoming video contest. We’ll keep you posted.

“How Lucky I Am” is a jazzy pop song that embraces the strength of true love and expresses gratitude to have found it.

Easy sunday morning jazz pop.

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Psychadelik Pedestrian – Breaking Waves

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Psychadelik Pedestrian started producing breakbeat and jungle music in 1994. During 2003 and 2004, Psychadelik Pedestrian tracks became more diverse with drum and bass and chillout tracks. By this stage, Psychadelik Pedestrian was combining half speed breakbeats and sweeping, haunting pad samples with instrumental sounds.

His latest tracks are atmospheric, laid-back and relaxing soundspheres that spread calm and peace.

Lean back and relax.

Download Psychadelik Pedestrian – Breaking Waves [Creative Commons license]

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Metastaz – Girl & Assassin

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Metastaz’s home is everywhere. He blends electronic music with dub and oriental elements to one silent pattern. He does not talk much about himself and wants the music to speak for him.

Between shadow and light, Metastazโ€™s imaginary is full of super heroes and fantasy creatures, whose stories are written on mystics riddims andall cleverly combined with basses. Metastazโ€™s spirit is always boiling with ethnics beats, broking up fronteers between musical genresโ€ฆ Encounters is a blasting chronic of todayโ€™s world music

Oriental electronic trip.

Download Metastaz – Girl & Assassin [Creative Commons license]

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Starfrosch Bonus Track Newsletter #7

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Sometimes we’re into the mood for something new. So we created two tracks between love and fuck you too. It’s in Swiss German, so you probably don’t mind about the lyrics.

Here’s the new Bonus Track Newsletter.

The tracks are Creative Commons licensed, you can share them with your friends and all for free download. We hope you like it and wish you a pleasant journey. Enjoy the flight.

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