Filosofia Reggae – Pequenininha

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Three women, three voices that is Filosofia Reggae from Brazil. They’re trying hard to spell filosofy and play, what did you expect, reggae and mix it with samba, r&b, blues, hip hop,funk and soul. They are regularly releasing CD’s since 2003 with a lot of success and airplay.

In 2016, they decided to give away their album for free.

You like reggae? You like philosophy? You like this.

Download Filosofia Reggae – Pequenininha [Creative Commons license]

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Empress Play – Time To Go

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Nerd alert! We do not often have artists from Australia. This is where Empress Play aka Melody Ayres-Griffiths is hailing from. She started composing music for Microsoft’s WebTV platform in the mid-1990s.

Ever since, she has continued to produce electronic music for a number of projects. Empress Play is her latest project, a chiptune arpeggio loaded adventure in retro-fusion, mixing classic video-game and home-computing sounds with bass and beats.

Where have I lost my bloody nintendo?

Download Empress Play – Time To Go [Creative Commons license]

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Skepsis – All Clear

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South London-based Skepsis is no stranger to fans of the new school UK Bass sound. He’s just a stranger to us, but has our attention with his blend of heavy bass, ear hurting snare hits and driving drums. Having been DJing and producing since the age of 15, Skepsis made a breakthrough into the scene in 2015.

Bass in your rude, weird and sick fuq face.

Download Skepsis – All Clear [Creative Commons license]

Thanks to Southpoint for the tip.

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Hotblast – She’s Breakable

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Hotblast hails from Biarritz, France. That’s at the atlantic coast near Spain, where the waves are high and the surfers are happy. His style varies from trap and edm to impressionist electronic. Once he visits a Moroccan souk, the other time he writes modern love songs about trust.

Throughout her life she will have difficulty managing emotions . She’s fragile, she’s breakable but his heart like a phoenix will rise again from the ashes.

It’s a lovely trap.

Download Hotblast – She’s Breakable [Creative Commons license]

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Robin Grey – Mariam’s Cake

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Inspired by the work of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen amongst many others, Robin Grey colours in his songs about love and life with guitar, banjo, ukulele, mandolin, piano, and double bass and any other instruments he can afford and fit into his little east London studio.

You like subculture genres? How about experimental nu-folk or maybe just file it under wonderful folk with a melancholic attitude. Robin has released six albums receiving excellent reviews in the blogsphere and winning fans as far away as Brazil, Korea and Russia.

Download Robin Grey – Mariam’s Cake [Creative Commons license]

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