starfrosch – Without You

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starfrosch is not only a platform for Creative Commons music, we also contribute to the community with occasional music productions. With Creative Commons it is a pleasure to remix, mashup and share without being afraid of take down notices.

“Without You” is a highly danceable, dreamy future deep house track mashed up and enriched with simplistic bass and a pop arrangement. With the night drive video, we’re on the constant search of you.

Download starfrosch – Without You [Creative Commons license]

Stoto – Move It To The Beat (Original Mix) CC-BY-NC-SA

Trooh Hippi Beats – *FREE* Wifey (Stormzy Type Beat) CC-BY

Kerusu – We Rise Again (ft. BriCie) CC-BY

Kalenna aka K-diddybop – Inspiration

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Kalenna aka K-diddybop from Atlanta has written for all your favorite groups. She was in the group Dirty Money with Sean Diddy Combs. Now she’s here to entertain you with her solid pop flavored R&B, a delicious voice and top notch produced tracks. She let’s us know, that she’s working very hard everyday in the studio supported by her little boy Noah.

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Spotlight – The.madpix.project

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Daniel Brunner from Munich, Germany is the overly successful The.madpix.project. We had him on our Spotlight chat and asked him about success, live and everything.

Hey, Daniel. You’re a DJ and musician from Munich with over one million plays. How’s the beer and live in Munich?

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Dj Speedy aka Harvey Miller dedicates tracks to starfrosch

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Do you remember our Spotlight about free music with DJ Speedy aka Harvey Miller? The guy who sold over 25 million records, who worked with Beyoncé, Big Boi of Outkast, Nelly or Jay-Z, stayed in contact with us and asked starfrosch to create a track for us. Who would say no?

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MayaDog – Memento

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Paolo is MayaDog and lives and was born in Florence, Italy. If you ever have a chance to go to the Tuscany, be sure to visit Florence with its beautiful historic architecture.

Paolo is an autodidact who learned to play the piano and studied the acoustic guitar. He likes orchestral instruments, but his greatest love is the saxophone and the trumpet. His music is instinctive and his goal is to get it straight to the belly and heart of the listeners. He does not have a favourite genre, it changes with his mood and moment.

In Memento Paolo combines classical and latin jazz with an orchestral arrangement.

Melancholic and sweet piano melodies.

Download MayaDog – Memento [Creative Commons license]

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