It’s lonely at the top

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We’re moving fast to the end of the year. stafrosch is dedicated to the most popular cc music and works hard to bring it weekly to you.

What we’ve seen in the last year, was lots of attempts to fake the #hot111 charts position. The face tendencies in news around the world also catched the musicians. Fake plays, fake downloads, fake likes, fake RT. Because we were so disappointment we even made an experiment: We invested 5$ in a fake RT service who retweeted our silly “Bots, do something useful and RT this 12’000 times’. So sad.

Meanwhile we have blocked over 3000 artists from the #hot111 for violating the copyright and even more because they fake statistics. The question at the end of the day is always “Who do you trust?”. We want to stay a source of trust and work hard to detect all those fake attempts. We call that our CC-Spam filter. Unfortunately errors happen and there are always false positives. Sorry for that.

We no longer fully trust external sources for statistics. The only source where we are sure, no one puts his greasy fake fingers on are our own statistics. So here we go, for the most wanted Creative Commons music of the year 2017 and belive us, it’s lonely at the top.

The weekly #hot111 RnB charts.

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Talvin Singh @ Kaserne Basel

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Potato music. What a description for someones own art. Talvin Singh commented his own work this way during an interview with Swiss television in about the year 2002. At this time he was the recent winner of the Mercury Music Price, UKs most prestigious award for independent music productions. His solo albums, OK and ha!, were the founding of a whole new musical style that combined traditional Indian music with Breakbeat and Drum&Bass. His completed mastering of traditional Tabla playing was the fundament of his creative work, and there was no doubt about the fact that such a rhythmical talent would have been as successful in producing ordinary Drum&Bass without traditional influences.

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Top 10 Royalty Free Tracks for YouTube

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Top 10 Royalty Free Tracks for YouTube

starfrosch presents the hottest top 10 Royalty Free tracks from the #hot111 charts on YouTube. Thanks to our statistics, we can say very precisely what tracks you love, play, download and share.

We run our hotranker through all 70’000 track, it gave us 100 tracks and then we carefully selected the 10 hottest, made some animation and present them to you on our revitalised YouTube channel. Every Royalty Free track is CC-BY licensed. You may reuse them, you can even monetize the tracks only by giving credit to the artist.

Join our community of creators, subscribe to the channel, and head over to the starfrosch YouTube channel to get the freshest music for your videos.

Gilman Mom – Fool’s Gold

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Gilman Mom - Fool's Gold

Gilman Mom introduces field recordings and drone flavours in his Fool’s Gold, which is part of his Manifest Destiny album. The dark and windy atmosphere takes you on a ride through a windy storm. The spoken words give the track a dark mood.

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#madewithstarfrosch – YouTubers use royalty free music from starfrosch

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starfrosch is building a network of royalty free Creative Commons musicians and creators. Creative Commons music is not just soulless industrial engineered royalty free music, it’s a real and alive music scene of aspiring musicians with emotions and lives. That’s what so special about. Real musicians focusing on art, on the way to express their feelings with music.

Today we want to give you an incomplete spotlight to our community of YouTubers who use music from the #hot111 charts. It’s a diverse and international community of vloggers, let’s players, makeup artists, hobbyists and pros who like to share their thoughts, visions and skills.

We created a YouTube playlist with the most exciting, shocking, entertaining and queer YouTubers. Come and join us. Create your videos with starfrosch’s #hot111 sound. We’re here to help you get the most out of your videos.

Join our community of creators and head over to the weekly fresh #hot111 charts to get the freshest music for your videos. We want to see your creations. You are #madewithstarfrosch and #madewithCreativeCommons.