Where Do I Find Royalty Free Music?

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We’re happy to announce, that Germanys retailer of the year 2018-2019 Kaufland uses Ali Bakgors Only One from the #hot111 for its latest clip on YouTube.

Looking for Royalty Free Music too? Check the #hot111.

What will you create today? Be creative!

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One of the maxims of starfrosch is: Be creative!

Because we not only love listening to music, we also love to create and we want you to be creative. Express yourself. These are the main reasons, why the #hot111 charts exists.

A library of over 30’000 fresh music tracks you can build upon. Download the tracks, cut them, sample them, add vocals, rap, add it to your video, share it on other platforms like YouTube, Mixcloud, SoundCloud. Everywhere you can imagine. Worldwide. Inside the internet, outside the internet.

Want to make money with it? Just go ahead. Sell it, perform it live on stage. Sell a mix tape. Make a playlist, a DJ mix, put it on YouTube. Express yourself with music.

There’s only one thing needed: Credit the artist. We made it simple for you. Click on the title of the track to go to the detail page, scroll down and you will find a red button “Copy Credits”. Copy this to the description of your work and you are fine to use the track for free. Yes, free.

Still not clear? Check the FAQ, it covers your question.

Head over to the #hot111 charts and start your journey. What will you create today? Be creative!

#hot111 Bot Machine Room Inside

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You might be wondering how our bot is creating the #hot111 charts. Here are some simplified insights.

Every Sunday our bot runs on our test system and generates the charts. We manually check the results for spam, statistic cheaters and errors.

Every Monday our bot runs in production. It takes 31 steps, here’s the simplified breakdown to thirteen. The whole generation takes around two hours.

Step one

It catches all Creative Commons licensed tracks via APIs from Jamendo, Soundcloud, Free Music Archive and Archive.org and writes the data to our database. That’s 50’000 tracks.

Step two

It filters out all Creative Commons NC and ND tracks and filters all BY and BY-SA.

Step three

The APIs have some glitches. It deletes all duplicates.

Step four

It generates the first basic HotRank and HotHotHotRank.

Step five

It marks all spam tracks and statistic cheaters and applies the Black and Whitelist.

Step six

It generates the Hotrank and HotHotHotRank one more time in depth.

Step seven

It purges all not popular, not relevant tracks. 1000 tracks left.

Step eight

It gets the metadata via APIs from Facebook, Last.fm and YouTube.

Step nine

It maps the subgenres to main genres.

Step ten

It fixes the SoundCloud stats.

Step eleven

It generates the HotRank and HotHotHotRank one last time.

Step twelve

It generates and caches the genre tag cloud.

Step thirteen

It generates the sitemaps for the search engines.


There are more steps necessary like regularly keeping the tracks up-to-date and ensure, that deleted tracks on SoundCloud are also deleted in our database. It regularly checks for new YouTube videos. It ensures that bot traffic doesn’t influence the internal stats and it hourly recalculates the HotHotHotRank.

The #hot111 is open source, built with the Symfony framework run on a LEMP stack and you can contribute on GitHub. Get in touch, if you are interested.

Origami FKK – Call for Summer Hits 2019

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What will be the summer hit 2019? We are already interested in no other question. We are looking for your track: Pure, naked, nature & foldable. Summertime and the living is easy!

The best 4-6 will be included in the album Origami FKK. The album is featured on starfrosch.com. All entries must be under free licenses (CC-BY-SA or CC-PD) or distributed in the public domain. Upload on Dock18.ch until 31.November 2018. The 4-6 winners will get 250 CHF, thats around 250 $ each.

Suggestions for the Album Cover (square format) can be uploaded with pleasure in the jpg format. Release Party is naked (or dressed) with the whole family on the nudist beach of the Rote Fabrik ZΓΌrich as soon as summer comes.

starfrosch – Freihoch2

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Freihoch2 is a radio show hosted by Robert Bienert on two alternative radios in Germany: Bermudafunk and Freies Radio Kassel.

Robert Bienert features free music straight out the internet. starfrosch has been featured many times through all the years and I would like to say thank you with a simple punk harmony CC0 Deep House track dedicated to Robert, because he’s into Deep House. Thanks for all your work and passion.

Download WAV

Download MP3

Creative Commons CC0 License

Like some vocals cuts?

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