The party is growing, please BYOB

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We consider starfrosch as a house #party for friends and foafs. Everyone is invited. While the party is getting bigger and bigger, we ask you to bring your own beer or a small gift.

Please consider a small donation to keep the party going and growing. Thanks, your organizers.

…and back to the party.

Updated Privacy Policy – Deep House

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Oh my dear, the whole internet has updated the Privacy Policy. We snuggled with our legal team here it is: Our shiny, human readable updated Privacy Policy.

Stay safe as your data is. No, you haven’t wasted your time reading this. Here’s some Deep House from starfrosch, that’s what we like. Music and data. We keep running for ya. Day and night. Let’s going hit the streets yeah.

Download starfrosch – Deep Running (feat. Elske) [Creative Commons license]

…ok, more like Future Bass?

Download starfrosch – Running Time So We Rise Again (Jens East x Tranquil x Kerusu) [Creative Commons license]

…prefer experimental minimal?

[Creative Commons license]

Never forget a track – Your Downloads

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We released a new feature on the #hot111. Register, login and you have access to your last 111 downloads.

All your last 111 downloaded tracks you will find on “Your Downloads”. You find “Your Downloads” on your user menu. “Your Downloads” is sorted by last updated. Have fun for quick access to your beloved tracks.

Share “Your Downloads” with your friends. “Your Downloads” is public. Have a look at “Kus’ Downloads“, he downloads weekly some music for starfrosch radio.

Let us know on Twitter, when you have downloaded some cool tracks. We’d like to have a listen to “Your Downloads”.

Star your favorite artists – Your Stars

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We released some new feature on the #hot111. Register, login and you can star your favorite artists by clicking on the frog near the artist’s name.

All your starred artists releases you will find on “Your Stars”. You find “Your Stars” on your user menu. “Your Stars” is sorted by date. So check back every week for new releases by your starred artists.

Share “Your Stars” with your friends. “Your Stars” is public. Have a look at “Kus’ Your Stars“, he follows a lot of quality artists.

Let us know on Twitter, when you have starred your favorite artists. We’d like to have a listen to “Your Stars”.

Invest In The Future of Free Royalty Free Music – starfrosch (STFR) ICO crypto launch

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STarFRosch (STFR) is the world’s first blockchain option for investing in Free Royalty Free music. Invest in the future of Royalty Free music. STFR is a new Ethereum based token.

Invest now into STFR.

Meanwhile you’re reading, have a listen to some excellent & free deep house.

We’re excited to launch the crypto STFR tokens on the Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain. The initial coin offering (ICO) will be on March, 1st 12am.

When – March, 1st 2018

Token – STFR

Supply – A total supply of 1 Million STFR tokens will be created, with a maximum number of 500’000 STFR tokens to be sold

Price – $0.001 for 1 STFR

Platform – Ethereum

Accepting – ETH

Soft Cap – 100’000 STFR

Hard Cap – 1 Million STFR

Github starfrosch #hot111

Invest now into STFR.

Tokit allowed us to create our own tokenized economy, by representing our creative projects through tokens on the Open Source Ethereum blockchain. Through these tokens, we can manage the revenue of our projects.

We have chosen to fund our operational expenses by launching a 50% percentage of our STFR tokens to the world. If we’re not successfully funding 100 ETH within 365 days, you will get your money back.

20% of our fiat profit will be invested into STFR and some of our new tracks and compilations will be published on EtherVision. At the moment, SingularDTV is the only company building a decentralized distribution portal that will connect to smart contracts (Ethervision).

When we’re successful, we will implement a community, where fans can donate STFR to artists.

Get your STFR tokens now to support starfrosch. It’s not bitcoin. It’s STFR. Invest now into STFR.

STFR tokens represent a cryptographic algorithm in a decentralized, distributed database (blockchain). In accordance with the legal documentation of the starfrosch project, the STRF token constitutes a type of contract. Based on the principle of freedom of contract, we can conclude that the STRF token is in its legal nature closest to the notion of a contract to for the purchase of goods.

STFR tokens will be tradable on SingularX, SingularDTVโ€™s Decentralized Exchange. SingularX is the first exchange designed for artists and creators, where users can buy and sell tokens generated in Tokit.

starfrosch is your destination for the worldโ€™s most popular Free & Royalty Free, Creative Commons music from the creative underground for YouTube, Videos, Games and Podcasts. Check our charts, reviews & radio.

Need some background information? See how Gramatik launched his tokens, to get an idea about STFR tokens.

Invest now into STFR.