And now…the generes

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Over 95% of the voters prefer music. Almost nobody likes text, so we will keep it short. That’s nice, we like it this way too. Now we can dig deeper. We would like to know your music preferences.

Please tell us your favorite music genres. Multiple selections are possible.

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And now for something completely different


Hi from starfrosch

We are now running starfrosch for more than 7 years. Quite a long time. We’ve spent every month 100$ for the server, that’s lots of money. Maybe you have noticed: We’re a little bit tired of the old starfrosch and want to start a something completely different blog.

But first we want to ask you: “What would you like to read, listen or watch?”

Are you ready for something new? Help us to change starfrosch and tell us, what your interests are. Drop us a comment. Thank you.

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