Palรฉo Festival 2011

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For swiss standards this 27. edition of the festival at the Lake Lรฉman brought off another real extension. Beside other numerous main acts, six different stages and a special theme zone about Caribbean Culture it was the fact to have both Portishead and PJ Harvey live on the main stage Wednesday and Thursday that stole this swiss festival summer. PJ Harvey had her last swiss concertย  in 2001, and Portishead partly appeared one or two times in the same period. And considering further important criteria, as the infrastructural management,ย  this leads to the widely objective statement that this festival is second to none in this country.

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Azoora feat. Graciellita – 23 Seconds Netlabel

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Azoora has released seven EP’s on 23 Seconds Netlabel between 2008-2011 and those who have listened to them before will recognize the sound in this project. Graciellita has made a clear imprint on the atmosphere with her voice and presence. Both artists have a background in trip-hop and this is clearly reflected in their collaboration.

Female vocal trip-hop.

Download Azoora feat. Graciellita – Motionless [Creative Commons license]

Thanks to 23 Seconds Netlabel for the tip.

Don’t paniq – Crowd funding works

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Paniq is a well known artist in the Creative Commons music scene. His new album is here. You can download it for free or a voluntary donation. It’s catchy tunes, heavy basslines go deep into your ears and will stay there forever and will create you a good mood.

The whole album was crowd funded. It was produced only with donations. Here’s the budget of โ‚ฌ4588.

  • โ‚ฌ1485/month for rent, food, insurances, repairs, electricity, internet and transit tickets.
  • โ‚ฌ1000 for manufacturing of CDs, including glass master, digipak package and 4-colored booklet.
  • โ‚ฌ1025 for packaging and national/international shipping of CDs.
  • โ‚ฌ195 for compensating accumulating PayPal fees (about 3%)

Any money left after the production was given to Creative Commons, EFF and Amnesty International.

Fantastic, isn’t it? And even better, the whole album was released under a by Creative Commons license, so you can do whatever you like with the sounds.

The whole album was created on a Linux Audio infrastructure with a desktop computer running Ubuntu Linux, Ardour, Audacity, Aldrin, JACK, Jacker, QSynth and lots of plugins.

Nuff said. Here’s his old hit Elektronische Musik and the one and only paniq top 10. Enjoy. We’re loving it.

And don’t forget to drop a comment. The artists like feedback.

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Mary Cigarettes – Corpid Netlabel

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Mary Cigarettes is a pop child. He’s been making records for decades now, although he won’t bore you with the mind numbing details of that. Maybe best letting the music speak for itself, if you like what you hear, you can download any of his songs. He is also available for full on, hard-core sex, but that shall cost you fifty thousand pounds, for what he promises would be the fuck of the century, compressed into one heavenly evening. Donate now.

All my life I tried to be a really nice guy, but it’s killing me.

Download Mary Cigarettes – Burning Bridges [All rights reserved]

Don’t miss the video.

Thanks for the tip Corpid Netlabel.