starfroschs YouTuber Network reaches 100’000’000 views

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Do the math. starfroschs YouTuber Network reaches more than 8’000’000 views on YouTube a month since more than a year. That’s 100’000’000 (one hundred million) views a year. 100’000’000 times music played from starfroschs #hot111.

We’re thankful for all the music, we’re thankful for all the support we get from the 7000 artists who generously share the music under free and open licenses. We’re thankful for all the YouTubers who take part on starfroschs YouTuber Network. It’s a win for all. The Networks get the alternative music they need, the artists get the attention they deserve.

starfroschs Open YouTuber Network stands for multiplication. They support and trust starfrosch, who runs the curation of open music with the hand picked blog, the carefuly selected radio and the automated #hot111. All these parts together build a strong library of curated open music for the 150 factor multiplicator networks.

Thanks bros and sis for this loosely connected networks. Together we build an open world of music and trust.

Keep on rockin’ in an open and free world. Make some noise. Thank you.

Billy Baker – I don’t need you

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Aussie underground rapper Billy Baker doesn’t needs you. No pr, no bio, no social media, just some fucks.

Visit his a SoundCloud profile with free music.

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Get more on the #hot111 charts.

Thomas Gresen – Back Again

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Thomas Gresen creates free Future Bass, EDM and Trap. Half Argentinian half Danish he’s living in Spain from where he’s about to take the world. He already has five years experience, keep an eye on him.

His favourite is Back Again, a melodic Future Bass track, with the typical pitched vocal samples for this genre. He created it one year ago, but it’s still fresh. You can use it for free as long as you credit him.

Check him out on the #hot111 or on SoundCloud.

Download – Thomas Gresen – Back Again

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