Verbier Festival 2019


How to schedule a stay at the Verbier Festival, if you can`t remain up in the southwestern swiss alps during all three weeks, more than hundred concerts, and even more side events?

Either one tries to visit as much events as possible; or decides to focus on one aspect of the music offered. Choosing the second option, this year it shall be solo piano performances. Grigory Sokolov and Evgeny Kissin had already played solo when I arrived, as well as Daniil Trifonov.

Even his chamber music contributions were already presented. Never regret, there were still musicians announced like Joaquín Achúcarro, Sergej Babayan and Jean-Efflam Bavouzet.

Joaquin Achúcarro


Joaquin Achúcarro is now 86 years old. Still playing with more than eighty years can bring along certain limits concerning pace homogeneity and dynamical balance. Choosing a Mozart Fantasia and a Adagio to begin with, Achúcarro avoids these risks perfectly and instead displays the other attributes of a very experienced playing: his very own results of a career long pianistic examination between subjective style and tonal balance.

The same principle mostly holds for his then performed Beethoven Sonata nr. 30; although towards the end of the third set the technical limitations show up a little bit, slightly limiting the special experience of Beethovens late, visionary composing style.

The following 24 preludes by Chopin turned out the be a matching compromise. Their virtuoso parts are assessable, letting Achúcarro again presenting a maturity of interpretation reserved to pianists with more than six decades of experience. The chosen encores by Edvard Grieg and Alexander Scriabin summed up the concert in one of these rare moments of musical plaintiveness.

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Oshóva from Besançon, France releases Moody Swing. A chilled future influenced tropical house track.

Martin Vide producer from Poland takes care about your health and calls you a doctor to bring you back to life.

Rxbyn a young R&B pop artist from Los Angeles releases his Summer 2019 EP. Layed back R&B tracks to party to.

Download smirnoffs + tank tops (feat. IGJ Young Flexx)

All tracks can be used without asking for permission on YouTube, Games and Podcasts only by giving credits.

Jerry Spoon & starfrosch announce the album Absorbed

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Jerry Spoon & starfrosch will release their melodic techno album “Absorbed” August 23th, 2019.

It begins

During the last six month Jerry Spoon & starfrosch are working together with various musicans on their new album. Jerry Spoon met starfrosch at Les Digitales, the festival for electronic and experimental music on various locations in Switzerland. Five month after that meeting, they produced their first track “Kalte Ohren”. Jerry Spoon & starfrosch realized, they want to create an album together.

Jerry Spoon & starfrosch at the echoic room


The concept melts the international community around starfrosch with the local bernese community around Jerry Spoons mix and mastering Studio Voisier Bern.


First they initiated a remix contest on the globaly networked remix community The result after only 14 days was exciting. Artists contributed 14 inspiring remixes from all around the world. Jerry Spoon & starfrosch selected one remix from Disfunction_AL (Rome, Italy) to appear on the album. You can hear to selected remixes on the “Kalte Ohren Remix” album.

starfrosch & Jerry Spoon at the anechoic room

The remixes

At the same time Jerry Spoon asked his local community to contribute remixes. There will be at least 2 more remixes from Bern, Switzerland. Maybe there are some more suprises, hopefully all can copy with the deadline.


During the last 6 month they have worked on 15 melodic techno tracks with guest musicians Chrigu (Piano), Darja (Vocals), Skupin (Vocals) and Irina (Vocals). Six tracks and three to four remixes will appear on their album “Absorbed”.

Jerry Spoon

The vision

“We’re glad to have the opportunity to work together with Switzerlands award winning photographer Florian Spring” says Jerry Spoon “he transformed our vision of “Absorbed” into press and album cover pictures.” All the pictures have been taken at former PTTs high-tech anechoic and echoic rooms. They have been used for decades to build precise acoustic machines. Now they served as perfect background to illustrate Jerry Spoon & starfroschs album “Absorbed”.



During the creation process of the album, they have been absorbed. “Music helps us to fall into a deep state of meditation and keeps us in a constant flow. While we are more and more distracted by short messages and constant attention seeking notifications by nudge product and software design, the more we need to focus and get absorbed. Absorbed in thought, musing to find inner peace.” says starfrosch “We’re sunken and absorbed by thoughts and music.”


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The Dreamboyz from Angola with overly sweet Kizomba and Zouk influenced pop.

RaveUp Records release Alexander Zotovs Leap Into Space on the Future Stars Sampler Vol. 1.

Connor Cassidy takes a ride on the other side.

All tracks can be used without asking for permission on YouTube, Games and Podcasts only by giving credits.

Frog Legs Rag

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Let me entertain you with your Bandcamp player limits demonstration including a little title animation. It’s a frog jumping.

Sliced Frog Legs Rag stutter. Repeated listening will make it flow nicer. Try it, it’s called caching.

The original composition recorded in 1902 from Scott Joplin, carefully sliced into pieces and uploaded persevering by starfrosch. It ranked #10 on the “Songs of the Century” list.