A Virtual Friend – A55hol3

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These tracks sum up 2016 pretty much. A55hol3s, dicks, jerks, bastards and egoistic criminals started ruling the world. Such a shame. Frustrated people would send their enemies glitter, we send them 2016-a-like tracks.

A Virtual Friend deliver five danceable tracks from electro, disco to house all over to edm with just one message:

You are just an A55hol3, you are just a dick.

Tweet it to your enemies. Now. Let them know you don’t agree with their views. Let them know their concepts are far away from what you think is a sustainable developement. And don’t forget to add a cute dolphin, they don’t deserve better.

I swear to god I will hurt you. It’s time to pay for all your crimes.

Bad times are good times for culture. Let them know, we’re here (to dance peacefully) and we don’t agree. Such a shame.

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#ccmusicvideo – Creative Commons Music Videos

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Music is about emotions. We at starfrosch <3 videos. Long, short, queer, artistic, moving videos. That's why we were thinking about how to show you the best Creative Commons music videos.

#ccvideo starfrosch TV

First of all we tried to create starfrosch TV for you. We magically check the last 200 played tracks from starfrosch Radio and fire up a Youtube search and display you the found video. You can ZZzzap and skip forward to the next video. The result is not too exciting. To be honest, most of the videos are slideshows.

#ccvideo Playlist on Youtube

This lead us to a hand compiled real all ##music #ccvideo playlist on Youtube. We have compiled about 50 #ccvideo, which are quite entertaining and emotional. We love the result. We teamed up with cctrax.com, who helps us to compile the playlist. We will constantly add the latest #ccvideo to this playlist. If you miss a video, tweet us.

[Update 8.12.2016, 16.30] Want to join the playlist and collaborate with us? Tweet us.
Want to show the playlist on your website like cctrax or starfrosch? We’re happy you share it.

[Update 11.12.2016, 16.10] Meanwhile there are 8 great curators managing the list: @starfrosch @deeload @ronsens @blocsonic @commonsbaby @dogmazic @amsterdammack @rynothebearded

#ccmusicvideo #hot111

During December 2016, we are synchronizing our #hot111 charts with Youtube. For every of the 50’000 tracks, we do the trick to search on Youtube for a video and show it to you. We are looking forward to see the result.



What’s your vision with #ccmusicvideo. Come and share your thoughts with us.

BillyBeats – Rumors

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‘Rumors’ introduces itself with a sensual vocal placement, reminiscent of Garage and Deep House anthems, making BillyBeats’ inherent feel for soulful vibes immediately apparent. But as the first few bars pass by, it becomes clear that this track is more than just a romantic gesture. In fact, by introducing tension with a wide array of sounds, such as sparkly arpeggios and the iconic intensifying drum rolls, calls for an anticipating drop.

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PJ Harvey @ Woerdz Festival Lucerne



PJ Harvey was invited as special guest for this years edition of the Woerdz Festival at the venue Südpol near Lucerne. She was programmed between several artists presenting the current spoken word art in swiss and Albanian culture.

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Interview – Everybody has to find his own way


Christoph Stiefel is a Swiss jazz pianist and composer based in Zurich. Active since more than 30 years, he ran through a unique development, beginning with a career start without any diploma of a musical academy.
In 2014, he was invited to play the 3rd Hauskonzert at chrigu’s home in Fribourg.
The next day we had an extensive conversation about jazz and everything. That’s why it took so long.

Today you will also play at Theatre du Bilboquet here in Fribourg. It is an evening with music and red wine. Do you like these variations of cultural events?

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