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kusBlog, by, by-sa, Creative Commons, Free MP3 Download, Hip-Hop, News develops more and more to a source for musicians looking for free for profit beats. We have thousands of free beats.

Here are some good beats and ways to search for beats you can use for your productions.

Search the #hot111 charts for beats. Just enter some keywords like “piano beat” or “type beat” or just “beat” and the search fires up tons of free for profit beats you can download. You only need to credit, we will explain later in this post.

Find beats by date. Check the fresh weekly new, yearly or all time popular beats.

Another good way to find beats is to check the #hot111 all time charts. Check out the #hot111 piano beat, guitar beat, smooth trap beat, emotional beat, trap beat, boom bap beat, piano trap beat, slow beat, you get it, right?

Now that sounds simple. Want to listen to some good beats? Here are some recommendations.

All the beats on starfrosch are free for profit and free for download. You only need to credit. How does that work? When you hit the download button on starfrosch you will see the “Say Thanks” popup and the red “Copy Credits” button.

The “Say Thanks” popup

Click the “Copy Credits” button and the credits will get copyied to your clipboard. Just paste this to your production. In the YouTube description, the Facebook post, Comments, blog post, your Insta comments, a shoutout live on stage, where ever you can share the love with the artist who produced that beat. This way the artist will gain exposure.

Another good way to say thanks is to share the beats you like on social media. The artists will love you.

More questions? Head over to the FAQ.

Note: has thousands of beat downloads every day, but only a few producers credit. We won’t sue you, if you don’t credit, but the artist could do that. We really would like to encourage you to respect the beat producer and credit him. Thank you for your attention.