Shortest Track in the World released by starfrosch (Update)

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Shortest Track in the World

Swiss artist starfrosch releases the shortest track ever in the world. He challenges current world record holder Napalm Death with its 1.316 seconds long track “You suffer”. starfroschs experimental electronic track “Half Sine” is just a half sine curve long. “I’m always on the run for something new” says Markus Koller “and this is technology and art extended to the limit.”

One Bit Remix takes this even further to one audio sample. It’s 1/44’000 of a second. It’s hard to say if this remix sample qualifies for a track, but it’s definitly short. With advanced technology, we’ll be even capable to release 1/96’000 remixes. “I’d enjoy remixes from all around the world” says the artist.


Digging into the limits of PCM WAV and FLAC the artist was capable to improve the shortness of the track even further. FLAC supports a sample rate of 655’530, only Bandcamp has some troubles processing it. Download and listen to the shortest track ever (right click…save as). It’s 1/655’530 second long.

“Half Sine” questions what we recognize as music.

This is the shortest track ever released in the world. It’s a half sine curve with 443Hz. It’s not yet recognized by Guiness World Records, but it has good chances to stay there forever.