4 Services to upload your music for free to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and more

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I use DistroKid, you maybe use TuneCore or CD Baby, to distribute my music to Spotify and all the other online shops and pay a yearly flat. Did you know you can have all this for free? Sounds tempting.

Here are 4 distributors who offer the distribution of your music for free.

amuse.io distributes for free. If your song or album performs well, amuse will reach out to you and offer a record deal.

sounddrop is into licensing cover songs.

stem takes 5% of your royalties.

RouteNote takes 15% of your royalties or charges an upfront fee.

There’s another one, but it’s Google financed so I don’t talk about it.

I haven’t tested yet these services, but will.i.am’s amuse sounds best with no strings attached.