Why give your music away for free?

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Why I don’t loose 1 cent giving away my music for free.

So why do I give my music away for free? It’s a simple calculation. 0.4% of the tracks worldwide make 80% of the money. Mine belong to the 99.6%.

I don’t loose 1 cent giving away my tracks also for free under Open Licenses.

My tracks are free and also on the shops like Amazon sucks, Apple sucks, Spotify sucks. Because they are free I have a bigger fan base. They share my tracks and reuse it in games, videos and podcasts. They do an awesome promotion job.

Because I have a bigger fan base I reach more fans also those fans who are willing to pay. That works.

Those who don’t pay, will never pay but they promote me. For free. The others pay. Both do a good job.

It’s an ecosystem of attention and I play with it and it works. Giving also away your tracks for free is an investment into your fan base. That pays off.