Celebrate with us the 17. birthday of starfrosch

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Anonymous Open Froggy

My calendar says Sunday 13. January 2002 the project starfrosch was born. That’s 17 years ago. 17 years full of joy (and some fucks) with an enthousiastic community.

starfrosch startet when illegal Napster dominated the music industry and offered as one of the first platforms legal open music. starfrosch was leading with its own Open Music releases. starfrosch was a speaker when Creative Commons Switzerland launched and run Switzerlands first podcast.

It’s a pleasure to be on this ride with this vibrating community. Exploring the new is on my agenda ever since and not the business model.

Music, tech and communication are my main pleasures. For your birthday gift I teamed up with the overly talented muscician, producer, studio owner and sound engineer Jerry Spoon to create a track for you. Here it is. Enjoy Kalte Ohren and give a warm applause. It’s open and free.