Vintage Computer Festival Zurich with Bruno Spörri and Tim & Kid Schurke

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The Vintage Computer Festival 2018 Zurich with computers from the last century is just around the corner. Parents tell their children what devices their grandparents did not buy. The 2-day exhibition will be accompanied by worskhops, talks and a live evening program. The exhibition is suitable for visitors of all ages.

Have a look at this YouTube video from the 2017 Festival.

Tim & Kid Schurke especially created a track for this festival with synth legend Bruno Spörri. You know Bruno Spörri, because Jay-Z has sampled him without asking and crediting, lost at court and now pays some of his revenue to Bruno.

The track was made by Tim for the Live Synthesizer Night. In an interview with Mario Purkathofer, Bruno Spoerri explains his career and first experiences with synthesizers. Tim remixes the interview and adds an acoustic track. Both, Tim and Bruno are playing live on Saturday, November 24th in the clubroom of the Rote Fabrik.

Bruno Spörri will play live Saturday, 24.11.18 on his SE/30-Mac (1990) and Macbook G3 (2000) with software m and music mouse.

Tim & Kid Schurke will perform live 22:30. You also know these guys because they delivered two soundtracks to the film Ghost in the Shell. They get 0.00002 CHF for every second played in the film. You can hear their songs for 16 seconds in the film.