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This morning, when I asked Thomas from the Creative Commons platform in Vietnam how he’s doing, he told me a story I couldn’t listen to without taking action.

Some burglars broke into his house and stole everything he needs for life. His IT equipment he uses to create web applications and tools to create handcrafted wooden furnitures he sells have been stolen. He’s broke, has no insurance and no more livelihood.

Please help him get back on track. starfrosch donated 500$, plus we will send him an older Laptop we no longer need. But that’s not enough.

Please donate too and spread the message. It’s a friend in need and I believe this is a community for free music who cares.

Here’s his original message

Let me explain.
It’s been five years now that I provide the service of curating Creative Commons music and a comfortable free stream/download function. This site gives exposure to artists that do outstanding work and it currently attracts roughly 50k visitors/month. It’s fun doing the site and I’m happy to spend time and money to support the Creative Commons idea. I never considered placing a donation button somewhere.

But as we know – shit happens.

I make a living by creating things. I have a small workshop where I do handcrafted wooden furnitures that I try to sell. I do websites for small business owners, start-ups and the like. Some djing too. Just enough to make ends meet.
Things changed dramatically yesterday night when burglars managed to get in my house. The list of things they stole is rather long and depressing. In short, they took what’s portable. My wood working tools (all of them), my laptop, hard drive, a phone and so on. Basically all stuff that’s crucial to make a living. Did I lock my house? You bet. Does my insurance cover for it? No. Police? Funny idea.

Back to square one.

I’m typing this on an eight years old laptop with a broken keyboard, even the burglars skipped it.

Why should that bother you?

Well, you came here looking for free music. Momentarily it doesn’t look like I can update/maintain the site. Remember, no laptop. Furthermore I have to focus on getting my tools replaced which, of course, has top priority. Tough times ahead of me.

Now here’s the thing:

I’m kindly asking for donations that help me to get back on track. Please do if you can afford drinking less and donating a few bucks instead.

or contact me on twitter @deeload if you have questions or a better idea.

thanks for reading,