starfrosch radio must be the shit

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We’re honored that our starfrosch radio is so awesome, that an anonymous developer hiding behind a fake email has created an android app that monetizes our one and only stream. And no, you don’t even get a link to that crap. This tells us, that our stream must be the shit when someone does the effort of programming an app and tries to monetize it. Unlucky Claudia, no one will ever download your app, you must improve extremely. Fortunately it’s so crap, that not even lousy Google wants to remove it without a court order from their Google Play Store, but they don’t hesitate to send us continuously DMCA notices and removing our Creative Commons music without any court order. Sometimes this internet is so f* up by big companies and evil folks, that we hardly can believe it. At least we’re great and that’s for sure. Enough cursed about the 1% who deserve it. We love the other 99% and just them.