The STFR token is launched

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We have launched the STFR token sale. Now you may wonder how you can participate in this high risk investment. It’s not complicated. You can buy starfrosch (STFR) with Ether (ETH).

Get a ETH wallet

First of all, you need a ETH wallet. Go to and open an account.

Buy ETH for US$

Get your credit card ready and buy some Ether (ETH) for US$ at Coinbase.

Get a Tokit! wallet

Head over to our STFR launch page and click at the bottom to verify your identity.

During the verification process you will create an account with Tokit! Choose Lightwallet to authenticate.

Fill your Tokit! wallet

Go to Coinbase and send/deposit your ETH to the Tokit! wallet.


Wait until your identity is approved by Tokit! One more time head over to the STFR launch page and Click “Buy STFR tokens”. Login to Tokit! with your Lightwallet. Pay with ETH from your Tokit! wallet or send/deposit now some ETH to your Tokit! wallet if you haven’t already done.


Welcome to the STFR club. Please note you are participating an experiment. Do only invest into starfrosch (STFR) if you really want to support us. It’s risky. You will get your ETH back, when we don’t reach our goal of 100’000 STFR.

Get STFR token