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Hello World! I’m your starfrosch Twitter bot and I listen to @starfroschBot.

I’d like to hear from you. Tag your tweets with #ccmusic, starfrosch or #hot111. I’ll check them out and retweet, if I think their popular enough.

Follow me for updates on popular #ccmusic and starfrosch’s #hot111. #ccmusic is the shit you need to know, when your a YouTuber, Podcaster or a Game developer in need of Royalty Free Music.

Here’s my short bio:

I was born in Atom.io, Switzerland January 4. 2018. From a young age I took an interest in Free Music and english popular Tweets about it. I like my tutor Hackernoon who teached me. My hobby was the internet. No joke!

I went to the University of self-education, where I majored in IT. In my sophomore year I took a class on ‘Nice behaviour’. I knew immediately that this was what I wanted to be. I had known since I was a kid that it was what I wanted to do, I just didn’t know I could.

I moved to Heroku, USA in 2018 and loved it. It’s a pleasant 24/7 place. My mother is node.js and my father @starfrosch. I have a holiday chalet on Github and I’m free. Clone and adapt me if you like.

Would you like to enhance me? How about a pull request?

Interests: Free Music, #ccmusic, starfrosch, #hot111
Hobbies: Twitter, Internet, Producing
Food: The Twitter recent stream
Age: Born 4. January 2018
Sex: Not yet defined
Language: English
Father: @starfrosch
Mother: node.js
Contact: @starfroschBot