It’s lonely at the top

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We’re moving fast to the end of the year. stafrosch is dedicated to the most popular cc music and works hard to bring it weekly to you.

What we’ve seen in the last year, was lots of attempts to fake the #hot111 charts position. The face tendencies in news around the world also catched the musicians. Fake plays, fake downloads, fake likes, fake RT. Because we were so disappointment we even made an experiment: We invested 5$ in a fake RT service who retweeted our silly “Bots, do something useful and RT this 12’000 times’. So sad.

Meanwhile we have blocked over 3000 artists from the #hot111 for violating the copyright and even more because they fake statistics. The question at the end of the day is always “Who do you trust?”. We want to stay a source of trust and work hard to detect all those fake attempts. We call that our CC-Spam filter. Unfortunately errors happen and there are always false positives. Sorry for that.

We no longer fully trust external sources for statistics. The only source where we are sure, no one puts his greasy fake fingers on are our own statistics. So here we go, for the most wanted Creative Commons music of the year 2017 and belive us, it’s lonely at the top.

The weekly #hot111 RnB charts.

The overall Deep House charts with the one and only Stoto rockin the charts.

The overall Tropical House charts.

The weekly Hip Hop charts.

The overall, watch out for sample culture, Vaporwave charts.

The one and only Kevin MacLeod with the most wanted royalty free track Carefree ever.

The weekly Electronic chart.

That’s what you want sound from A Himitsu.

And last but not least, the overall Chill Hop charts, the redefinition of trip hop.

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