Gilman Mom – Fool’s Gold

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Gilman Mom - Fool's Gold

Gilman Mom introduces field recordings and drone flavours in his Fool’s Gold, which is part of his Manifest Destiny album. The dark and windy atmosphere takes you on a ride through a windy storm. The spoken words give the track a dark mood.

Slowly a melody creeps into the scene accompanied by dull, barely audible drum-like sounds. Is it a distorted piano or a synth? We don’t know. Water splashing begins and is overlaid by spoken words. Field recordings of thunderstorms rounds off the picture.

The producer Dominic Francisco from Berkeley, California is ready to take you on a dark and rainy journey with his free download. Make sure you also check his first album I forgot to tell you, when you like experimental tracks.

An experimental, rainy journey.

Download Gilman Mom – Fool’s Gold [Creative Commons license] from Free Music Archive.

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