BillyBeats – Rumors

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‘Rumors’ introduces itself with a sensual vocal placement, reminiscent of Garage and Deep House anthems, making BillyBeats’ inherent feel for soulful vibes immediately apparent. But as the first few bars pass by, it becomes clear that this track is more than just a romantic gesture. In fact, by introducing tension with a wide array of sounds, such as sparkly arpeggios and the iconic intensifying drum rolls, calls for an anticipating drop.

Steadily modulated synth basslines brawl through the mix like freight trains, putting the listener’s desire for powerful instrumentation at ease. Carefully chosen atmospheric elements counter-weighing the skillful and varied drum grooves, as well as diversified percussion hits complementing the soundscapes. Not only through the use of those particular vocals and melodic fills in the breaks, this track transcends a singular genre – single-handedly showing that BillyBeats’ energetic take on party music is more than just a one trick pony.

Based in Denver (US), the up and coming producer has managed to create a combination of smooth flows paired with suavely conceived drops that rival a lot of EDM out there. Its catchy melodies are highly memorable as well as providing it with high replayability. ‘Rumours’ is an absolute crowd pleaser and carries more than enough groove to keep the audience moving from dusk till dawn.

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