David Fray @Zentrum Paul Klee


David Frey, Source: Wikipedia

David Frey, Source: Wikipedia, Pymouss, CC BY-SA 3.0

In his still young career David Fray has already reached a reputation to be called outstanding. Several recordings for Warner, two Echo Klassik awards and the most prestigious price in France, the Les Victoires de la musique classique, do confirm his merits in the uppermost grades of judgement.

For his concert in the exclusive series of the Meisterkonzerte hosted by the bernese Zentrum Paul Klee he chose Brahms, Schumann and Schoenerg. To combine the Novelette by Schumann with Brahms’ Variations on a theme by Schumann was as unexpected as enlightening. It enforced the already very close connection between these two composers as we never perceived it before. In the same time it showed a distinct limiting effect to Brahms’ tendency towards an overwhelming late romantic composing style.
And to put SchΓΆnbergs revolutionary Opus 11 in between was a conclusive decision regarding the maximal romantic potential of the two other played composers.

David Frays playing style was subtle, enormously well leveled horizontally and inherent of a quite ideal balance between romantic freedom and loyalty to the compositional details.
An evening of pure confirming and in the same time surprising experience.

Many thanks to the Zentrum Paul Klee.