Skinny Jim Tennessee @ Mahogany Hall Berne



If you met Clemens Kuratle as a Free Jazz player together with a violinist, then this project performed at Mahogany Hall Berne last saturday seemed like being a complete U – Turn. While adding perhaps Mongolian overtone chant to his Free Jazz playing two weeks ago, now the pure, driven 60’s cover sound of South Western America stood over all. It’s Skinny Jim Tennessee at their successfully crowdfunded CD release party.

In trio formation he and his dudes delivered a smooth, perfectly adjusted performance of a music that is really not often hearable nowadays.

One could add that some more custom compositions would have been very interesting. But still, when an original sound created some decades ago is to be presented, then the central criteria are solid, dedicated and just bloody playing, an audience full of drive, and a location delivering a perfect frame to revive these atmospheres that were thought to be lost completely.
Thanks a lot to the Mahogany Hall and to all the people who helped organizing this referable presentation of real ROCK’N’ROLL.