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Daniel Brunner from Munich, Germany is the overly successful The.madpix.project. We had him on our Spotlight chat and asked him about success, live and everything.

Hey, Daniel. You’re a DJ and musician from Munich with over one million plays. How’s the beer and live in Munich?

Hey Marcus, as you know for sure, beer is one of the greatest here in Munich as well as live. Just try the “Doppelbock” and you can imagine both. Be aware there could be some side effects the day after.

Btw we reached the 2 million mark last month which is really amazing.

Download The.madpix.project – Wish You Were Here [Creative Commons license]

Congratulations, Doppelbock and 2 million plays goes well together. You say “we”. Who else is part of The.madpix.project?

Sorry my fault, it’s only me producing.. But as you can hear it’s not me singing, so there are also some real good vocalists part of the project.

You give away some of your music for free, some can be bought on iTunes or Amazon. Does this work as a model or is selling records old-fashioned?

I think today it’s all about creating your audience and the best way to do is releasing tracks for free on known platforms.

Selling music today is different. Few people like to buy records, many like to stream their music. But that’s all not worth a penny if there’s no one listening to it. So it’s kind of a model to release music different ways for different listeners.

Even when people stream the music, it’s ridiculous. Portishead made 2’500$ off 34 million streams. Do you have a living from your producing, DJing and equipment rental?

You’re right. Hard times if you want to make a living of music sales. I think you have to do live events and merchandising. Many other musicians do online stuff like tutorials or soundpacks. I create my music just for fun which makes it much smarter for me.

What would you do if you’d get 1 dollar per play? Fulltime musician?

Lifetime guarantee? πŸ™‚ No, I wouldn’t. I think it’s hard to make music if you have to. Forced to be creative wouldn’t work for me.

What’s success for you?

On one side, success means to reach goals without loosing my integrity. It’s not always the goal itself that matters, it’s the way how you reach it. If you win a game while cheating, you didn’t succeed. On the other side, success means to know and decide not to do something.

Btw that’s also a big part of the process while making music: To decide, when you have to get rid of something and step back. Not easy sometimes as you’ve spent hours and hours maybe.

So my personal opinion: I try to reach my goals while keeping life in balance. If I can’t merge, I’m on the wrong way.

Sounds like a good life-work balance. Have you?

Yes indeed. I really love to work and i like to stay ambitious, whatever I do. But I think, it’s only part of my life, while there are more important things.

Download The.madpix.project – Edge (Instrumental) [Creative Commons license]

What’s important in life for you? Where do you find meaning?

It’s my family. I know, that sounds very old school and predefined. But you need a reason for what you’re doing to find meaning and someone to share. That’s primary my family. As I mentioned, if I can’t merge things and enjoy together with my family, it’s not worth to keep.

Good luck for you and your family. It’s a great gift. Thank you very much for the interview and one last thing: Tell us three things that make you happy.

Three things that make me happy? Okay, here they are, from a musical sight…

  • Creating tunes that you guys seem to like
  • Finishing a track that was a work-in-progress-forever
  • Enjoy the beach and sun and drink, while listening to nothing but silence.

Hope you enjoy my future tracks and many thanks for your support and unexpected feedback.

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