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Niki J Crawford is an American Recording Artist and Songwriter from the small country town of Springhill, Louisiana now residing in Los Angeles. Niki J Crawford and her band from Hollywood got the funk. We had the chance to chat with her and talk about live, love and everything. Have a coffee and listen to her powerful new album, while reading the chat.

Hey Niki, nice to meet you. Are you still in glamorous Hollywood? How’s life there?

Nice to meet you too Markus.
Yes. I’m still in Hollywood. And it’s definitely glamorous on some days lol. I’m doing pretty good out here!

You have a beautiful voice, lot’s of concerts and a well-rehearsed band. How long are you already playing together?

Thank you Markus.
I’d say we have playing together a few years now. We have a few newer members that’s only been 1 year but they are a blessing. Love playing with these guys!

I can hear that, it’s a pleasure to listen to your funk with some R&B, soul and blues elements. Where do you get the inspiration and energy from?

Well the inspiration comes from lots of places but I have an amazing family who told me “I could do anything”. They have always supported me and my music to the fullest my whole life. When I was little my mama had this old vintage record player. She would open one side and I’d sit on top on the other side and we’d play records all day. The good stuff like, Frankie Beverly & Maze, EW &F, Stevie, Whitney, Betty Harris, Betty Wright, Bobby Blue Band, lots of gospel as well. So much music Markus. And I just absolutely love it!

I’m listening to your music and it is really inspiring. I discovered your tracks on our #hot100 charts. For free. Sometimes I think something must go terribly wrong with the industry, that talented artists give away awesome music for free, then on the other hand it can help getting more popular. Do you still sell records? Was it worth to give away your album for free?

Yea, The music industry has definitely changed a lot. I mean back in the day you had Record Deals, Publishing Deals, & No American Idol or The Voice. I think that along with home studios and the internet, barriers to entry are different. We can all do great music and then give it away! I believe you still have to love it, have something to say, and be able/want to get out and perform for the people because we can’t do it without them! I think the free outlets are blessings!


Change can also be a chance. Some silly questions. Why do you make music? Would you say it’s a tough job?

Oh yes. Definitely a chance! But, I trust myself and I will always try to come from a good honest place and try to make good music.
No such thing as silly questions πŸ™‚
I make music because I LOVE IT! I have wanted to sing, perform, make music since I could talk. My mama would say it started in the belly lol
The music “business” part can get tough at times, but the creative parts never feel like a job. It’s my purpose in life I think.

Love and relationship. Some of your favorite topics for your lyrics? Do you have tracks we absolutely shouldn’t miss?

Well Markus yall should hear all of them!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
Yea, lots of love and relationship. I love em all but “Pain”, “Played” “Spread Your Wings” “Ridiculous Love” are some favorites πŸ˜‰

Download Niki J Crawford – Pain [Creative Commons license]

Download Niki J Crawford – Played [Creative Commons license]

Download Niki J Crawford – Spread Your Wings [Creative Commons license]

Download Niki J Crawford – Ridiculous Love [Creative Commons license]

We all got dreams. What’s one of your dreams for you personally and for the rest of the world?

I’ve been through a lot. I think most people have. My dream is to share my trials, gifts, happiness, ups, downs, loves with everyone in the world through my voice, music and performance because I can relate and I think the more people who hear our music the more we would get through everything -TOGETHER and wake up everyday feelin like “I’m enough” “I can do it”! I want to be a part of that. Ya know


Allow me one last question: Three things that make you happy?

Live shows, Love making, and Sushi!

Yeah. Niki, thank’s a lot for the chat and good luck. It’s a pleasure to have you here on starfrosch.

Markus thank you guys so much for the time. I really appreciate the love and please be on the lookout for our second record. It’s coming along nicely! LOVE!

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