Spotlight – The Polish Ambassador

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The Polish Ambassador is the wizard of the yellow jump suit. He catched our attention 10 year ago, when we heard his sound. He was playing in small venues, had an unpolished but refreshing synth sound and his internet productions where…hmmm…weird, but we were sure: This guy is going places. Meanwhile the sound is more polished but he still jumps in his suit.

We digged deep in our archives, restored millions of records, run virtual instances of servers, rebuilt databases and are happy to bring to you the 10 years old and long-lost interview with the one and only Polish Ambassador who just released some new and wonderful polished synth track who reminded us of our past who brings us the future.

Mr. Ambassador, thank you for your time and granting us this short interview. We know you are busy saving the world and slaying treacherous beasts, so it is a great pleasure to have you on our show.

You look gorgeous in your yellow bananasuit. Have you ever thought about being sponsored by Chiquita?

There is an old Polish saying that when loosely translated goes something like this: “Bananas cause impotence.” But if Chiquita wants to pay me enough, I’ll don their logo.

Download The Polish Ambassador – Joyride ft Katie Gray [Creative Commons license]

We at Starfrosch prefer green frogsuits and often have problems understanding the washing instructions printed on the inside of the suit. How often do you need to wash your bananasuit and what methods do you use to wash it?

Much like Batman has a cave full of batsuits I too have an unlimited supply of yellow jumpsuits. However, I am not wasteful. I wear a suit until it is sufficiently soiled – Soiled to the point that the scent makes my concubines and I nauseous. Then, at night, I find a sleeping homeless man and gently tuck it underneath his boil-ridden head. I like to give back.

Download The Polish Ambassador – Camino Rojo ft Lulacruza [Creative Commons license]

Is your bananasuit waterproof?

Not only is the suit not waterproof, it is water-soluble. Once, while clubbing in Barcelona, I was caught off-guard by an impromptu foam party and my suit dissolved away like an alka-seltzer pill. Fortunately, I am well endowed and an all around remarkable physical specimen. Walking around naked does not bother me and the casual observer actually prefers it.

Do you plan to make more yellow sounds in the future?

I will never stop making music. Pardon me, but the correct term is “Asian-American Sounds.” “Yellow sounds” can be offensive to some.

What is your relationship to Lee Maddeford?

I met Lee Maddeford at my summer home in Capri. I was hosting a Dr. Who theme party when I was approached by this Lee Maddeford fellow. He said to me (in german of course), “your music sends ripples of pleasure from the tips of my frosted hair, down through my anus, and eventually to the ends of my webbed feet.” We’ve been blood-brothers ever since.

We thank you for your interview and would like to send our greetings to Poland.

It has been my pleasure. We should do it again.

Time warp to 2016. If you read this Mr. Ambassador: “We’re here to serve you. Contact us.

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