Spotlight – Dj Speedy aka Harvey Miller

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For our blog series Spotlight about artists and labels releasing under Creative Commons we had the chance to chat with Harvey Miller. 25 millions of sold albums, 28 year of experience in the music industry, 10k produced tracks. And now he goes Creative Commons.

Hi Harvey, you are a successful producer from the U.S. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hey Markus how are you? Hello readers I am Dj Speedy aka Harvey Miller Dj/producer/song writer/artist and Label owner.

How do you make money by giving away free music?

Well none of it is actually free! You may think it’s free but it’s not. See all my music has been ran through my distribution deals with Sony and Universal and are available for purchase in all digital stores world-wide. And I also get paid from shows and artists buying and production/ tracks and I Licence my music to company’s and brands to use in commercials and movies. So free to some is promotions for me! See your asking the wrong person about music and the word FREE! Hehe!

I’ve been in the music business 28 years and sold over 25 million records I know the ends and outs of every changing angle of the music business. This is my full-time job.

I use Creative Commons as a promotion tool these days instead of trying to pay radio stations across the nation millions of dollars to play my music and millions of dollars to play my commercials. The bottom line is Creative Commons are the new radio stations and tv networks for artists and consumers.

Music and information can be received faster and to more people this way. So “FREE IS NEVER FREE WHEN YOU KNOW WHERE THE MONEY IS COMING FROM”

We call it the hybrid model of selling music. Selling your music the same time you give it away for free. One listener pays, the other shares it for free to promote you. You remixed BeyoncΓ© and the album has been sold over 8 million times. How did you manage to get that job?

Yes. The BeyoncΓ© remix came when I was producing really heavy on hiphop and r&b records. When my name started ringing bells she started ringing my phone. I’ve always been a fan of hers so it was an honor to get the call to do the remix. DJ/producers now of days remix stuff without consent of any kind.

Remixes are a way of life now in the Dj world so I’m glad I was 1 of the original remixers. Many people probably don’t know that my name Dj speedy came from me djing from the late 80s I started djing in 1988 and never stopped I just evolved into producing. Harvey miller is my real government name and Edm/Dj artist name. But I’m Dj speedy till the end of my days. “I STARTED WITH VYNAL AND 2 turntables and a microphone”

You are a long time into music business. What’s the most significant change over the years? How did it transform?

Music just repeat itself basically it went back the beginning of hiphop music. “THE DJ IS BACK IN CONTROL”

Every artist has it’s up and downs in his career. We listened to your OUTKAST EDM remixes and weren’t convinced. We have to admit, we don’t like EDM too much. What went wrong?

Sorry you didn’t like them all or if some. That was my first Edm project and I had received the acapellas from my friends OUTKAST so that was a work in progress. Some people like them and some didn’t. That’s the game I suppose. But since then I got a hell of a lot better and that’s all that matter to me now at this point. But the main thing is you did take the time to listen so I guess they where a success! So the new stuff you like a lot more correct?


Or you don’t like them either? If so what new song or songs from me do you like?

SUICIDE is a great composition, we like it a lot.

Well thank you yes that’s my favorite it’s different then anything out there.

I’m trying to find my style because as a producer for many different artist I don’t have a style I producer any kinda music. I’m a true music producer composer and writer

I’m working with many different artists. A lot of independent artists and a few major artists. Really the music industry is wide open for anybody to take it now that hiphop, r&b and rock or dead. It’s ripe for the taking. So that’s why I’m a artist and started my labels to release as much music as I am releasing.

So let me ask you a question and you can answer it when you take the time to listen. WHAT STYLE THAT YOU HEAR ON MY SOUNDCLOUD DO YOU THINK BEST FITS ME AND MAKE ME SYAND APART FROM ANYOTHER?

We already listened to a lot of your tracks on SoundCloud. You are very diverse in style and genre. Most of them very catchy. Just the EDM part, we don’t like too much.

I think you will understand me more when you hear my ears r blind project.

Don’t misunderstand us, we totally respect your work!

You don’t like Edm?

Indeed not too much.

If that’s so I can understand that.

So what is your favorite genre of music?

Trap and drum&bass are fine, but we’re not into big room edm. Pop, rock, minimal, folk and classical.

I’m into the Rock and disco vibe these days.

Two turntable & A microphone is a groovy track.

Thanks! That’s what I was looking for so out of the styles disco/ Nu disco trap are your favorite styles from me.
Hears a sneak peek of ears r blind project it’s country tho hehe! Ears r blind is a group base off anybody that want to make great music but will never be seen. Just heard so anybody is apart of the group when they work on ears r blind. “YOU CAN HEAR GREAT MUSIC WITHOUT SEEING THE ARTIST”

This Is My Country (feat. Harvey Miller & Ray Rush) by Ears R Blind on iTunes

You are very productive. How much do you work?

I try to do something everyday I have over 10k tracks and songs in my catalog.

Lied Too (feat. Naz Tokio) – Single by Harvey Miller. This came out today.

Funky. How many albums do you produce a year?

Oh, now that I got the hang of the new world I don’t spend no time really. Because I write and produce for so many artists for many different reasons. I just use most of the stuff I don’t sell and think that it’s still a great song and just drop it. Remember it’s the other money I’m after and to give people great music that “I THINK IS GREAT” it’s really about me now. I only have to please myself at this point in my career God bless with.

If you look at iTunes and search Dj Speedy or Harvey Miller you will see a ton of albums. I just started dropping stuff from my personal label this year. But I have been producing releases for years now.

That’s sounds like pleasure. Was that one of your dreams?

No, my dreams where to Dj then produce and last be an artist that is in control of its own destiny with no strings attached but anybody. FUNNY I THINK THE 3rd one is coming into effect. I think this time next year I should be a power house.

I really enjoy the convo! Sounds like you really know your stuff

Thanks. Are you open for collabs?

So get the word out anybody you want me to work with I’m down you support me I will return the favor.

Hey Harvey, have a nice day and thanks for the chat.