Top 10 of March 2016

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We’re kinda excited when it comes to music and we’re kinda interested what kind of music you are excited about. We have tons of statistics and we watch it. We can see you listening to music and we’re trying to figure out what you like. Here’s your top 10 tracks you listened to in March 2016.

SlynkGorilla On The Floor

Yeah, we totally understand you, that rocked our playground too.

PutasollMemories of Neverland

Well, not our kind of music. What’s so exciting about that?

Angelica VilaMaking Up My Mind

That’s what we call a pop hit. Sometimes the track has some weird beat timing.

BandRegal – Grow Up (Pro By Grizzly Beatz)

Over 4 million plays. We better shut up: This is popular by demand. Grow up and get rich.

Deadly PastMemories

As soon there is some distortion, we start to jump. Pogo.

Heist – Sentinels Warning Revisited

The Metalheadz label ignores us. So do we.

Circus MarcusPhoenix

Nice piano, nothing spectacular.

Tyler AdamGreat Lakes (Original Mix)

Tyler Adam is special. Every of his tracks has a different genre, and yeah, you are my sunshine too.

Rag and BonesBrain Dead

We absolutely love brain dead music. The more brain and dead, the better.

Niki J CrawfordSpread Your Wings

Not our favourite track from Niki, but we can follow your taste.

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