Heifervescent – Colder Than The Edge of Space

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Heifervescent is Andy Doran, he describes himself as “never ending, ongoing, infinite, perpetual, music project”. He started back in the 90s as a singer and guitarist in the alternative rock band Monkeyland, followed by the band Cannula and finally for the solo project Heifervescent, from which there are currently four albums.

Colder Than The Edge of Space has notable lyrics:

Born into slavery but where is your mind. Walking free, yeah it can break the manacle. Canโ€™t you see, you were designed for life. I cast my faith into the sun. Thereโ€™s got to be some warmth in everyone. But these disease ridden reprobates are colder than the edge of space. Lines of faith keep you together. But I live in a world of doubt and it sets me free. Free to doubt and make my own assumptions. Free to flout endemic theory.

Deep thought rock.

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