I’m Fresh! You’re Pretty! – Christmas avec toi

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Not only the bandname I’m Fresh! You’re pretty! is cheesy, but also the sound. But isn’t christmas also a bit of cheesy as long as you stick to the clichés?

I’m Fresh! You’re pretty! are lovers of Weezer, Daft punk, the 90’s, vintage analog keyboards, heady guitar riffs and 140 BPM techno beat, the trio from Angers loves to make people dance with its exhilarating new rave made of ravishing beats and heady riffs. They turn electro into rock and funk into disco. Intimate, flirtatious and damn irresistible, their music charm rock-lovers just as much as minimalist-electro purists.

We wish you to marry christmas, or another hot bride.

Download I’m Fresh! You’re Pretty! – Christmas avec toi [Creative Commons license]