Spotlight: BitBurner

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We have the undeniable pleasure to interview the uber geek musician BitBurner. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome on stage the BitBurner, the inventor of Arcadestep.

Please introduce yourself to our listeners.
My name is BitBurner. I’m 44 years old from Bakersfield California. I make bass music with sounds from old arcade games, cartoons and memes etc in my productions. It’s all Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution.

What’s your focus with your music?
Well my style focus is dubstep with a twist of chip. Some of my tracks could straight up be called arcadestep as they incorporates arcade sounds as main synths. But the real focus of my music is that it’s really a form of therapy. A few years ago I hurt my back really bad and was bedridden for a long time till I got surgery. During that time I was using music to escape not only the pain but the confines of my bed. When a track flows out it’s usually takes about 5 hours and I just loose myself. My wife can even tell when I get into this state and knows not to interrupt my creative outbursts. It’s been over a year since my back surgery. I forget it was hurt most days thanks to great doctors but the creative outburst didn’t stop. Before I was using my iPad in my bed with NanoStudio and it worked amazing for what I needed. I love that app so much. But, being able to sit at my computer now I’m able to use Ableton live and really do some powerful stuff. Before NanoStudio I had not used a DAW in a while. I had used trackers and stuff like Rebirth and Reason but always struggled for real flow. I have that now. So it flows.

How do you define and measure your success?
I guess I would define success on how many lives you’ve affected in a positive way. Creative Commons is a darn good vehicle for that kind of success. I’m rich in my friends.

What Creative Commons license are you using and why have you chosen it?

I’m using Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International. I choose attribution only specifically so it could be used commercially without paying royalties to me. I did this because the communities I belong to are mostly gamers who are producing content online on sites like Youtube and Twitch. There was a big problem with copyright take downs for music in videos and I was tired of my friends getting hurt financially by this. So I made my music for that purpose. To be used and even profited from so content producers have one less thing to worry about. My music has been used in multiple video games, popular videos Like Mojang’s Cribs and countless other videos and streams. Without the attribution 4.0 license I don’t think an individual can get this much penetration in the market.

Please pick three tracks from your work that best represents you. Why did you choose them? Can you tell us something about the creation process?

Most my tracks start as a beat first and it’s usually the drop I’m building first. From that everything else comes. But the beat has to have the whole feeling for the track or it will just not feel right. I have 100’s of tracks I’ve started and never got much past the beat. Sometimes I have an idea when I start the track and most of the time that doesn’t come until the end. By that time I have a good I idea of a theme etc.

This one I did in Nanostudio when my back was hurt. I really loved making this. It’s like all my favorite arcade sounds in a beat soup. I own a huge collection of arcade ROMs and have a way of extracting all the sounds from the ROMs as wav files. I use them a lot in my productions. This is a good representation of where I started.

It’s about Popeye and Olive having sex…what’s not to like? πŸ˜€ Really though I had a ton of fun making this one. I really like heavy dubstep and can never get enough bass and sex in my life. lol. Had a lot of fun with the synths etc on this. But the fun stuff is subtle stuff in the background. I use a lot of “crowds” etc in the background of a lot of my tracks. The background from this track has been used in others as well…I love it. It was from a Popeye fight scene that had a crowd gathered. It’s amazing the dynamics it can add to a track. You probably don’t even notice it but if I took it out you would instantly notice.

This track musically is a pinnacle for me personally. That’s probably why I did a VIP version without any toy gun sounds so you could appreciate the music more.Though the toy gun stuff has deep meaning to me as well. I grew up in a time when “playing” with guns was socially acceptable and there was a whole market of realistic toy guns marketed to children. I’m a product of that generation so these influences make it into my music. It makes for some strange mixture of sounds that somehow resinate with others. I also made a music video to go along with it. This was very new for me matching samples to video.
This is a good representation of where I’m headed musically. Perhaps a bit more mainstream, but much higher on the sound engineering/production level.

I really had trouble choosing three πŸ˜‰

How are you connected, networked within your country and worldwide?
I’ve been an active part of the online gaming community for many years. When Minecraft was in Alpha I was heavily involved in the very tight knit community. I made a lot of friends all over the globe through being active in the Minecraft community. It’s where I learned of the need for CC music for content producers. I’m not as involved in the Minecraft community as I once was but still keep in contact with 100’s of people I’ve had the pleasure of crossing paths with. Some of these have turned into deep meaningful friendships. Also I have to say that Soundcloud has also created a hub to meet people. The fact that I can set my tracks as Creative Commons on the site is a win for me. It helps people outside of my community to find my Creative Commons music. One of the Soundcloud groups I get the most traffic from is the Creative Commons group. Also I love Twitter. It’s a great way to keep in contact with your peeps.

Do you have new or upcoming works that can be interesting for listeners?
I do. I’m currently working on a new EP titled “BitBurner – FURY”. It should be out sometime in January. It’s a bit more mainstream dubstep type stuff with a twist. I posted a preview track recently.

What did we forget to ask?

Favorite Producer(s) = Dodge & Fuski
My favorite food = Pizza

Thank you very much for your answers.
Anytime πŸ™‚