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We usually do not write much about hip-hop, just because we’re not very much into it. One reason we don’t like hip-hop too much is this nigga, bitch, money rulez rhymes. RADIO is different. Let’s make an exception and introduce RADIO from Denver to you. Maybe we have to rethink our preconceptions.

Please introduce yourself to our listeners:
Name: Dustin “RADIO” Niall
Current city: Denver CO. USA
Modern American Hip Hop artist.

What’s your focus with your music?
I find myself; driven by the undeniable urge to share….some would say I talk a lot! (lol)
It’s that drive that helps me write music that’s primarily focused on you, Jim, John, Jill and/or any other regular (according to societies standards) everyday human.
Have you ever struggled? I have too! Ever had a beautifully dysfunctional relationship? Me too! We’ve all had our share of ups, downs, and good and bad decisions to endure in life right?
In short, my “focus” with my music is to celebrate our downfalls and share our stories in a relatable and truthful way. It’s not the money, yachts, and endless females (or lack thereof)! Hell, I can hardly handle the one woman in my life now!

How do you define and measure your success?

That’s a matter of what you (as an artist) consider success.
Of course financial success is one aspect. We all work for one thing. Money! To provide and maintain for my family is the ultimate success. That’s the end game for me.
To define success as an artist, for me, is if I’m still making music and still moving forward and learning, then I am successful.
As artists, I really don’t think we ever say we are/were a complete success. I think it’s a matter of the creative mind always wanting to do more and better.

How did the Creative Commons license help you with your career?
Oh man! Where to start? Well, when I first started messing around with writing lyrics, super short stories and such, I found it was easier to visualize what I’m writing when I had music playing over and over. I had it on repeat! Then I realized I needed something new, but didn’t know how to make beats, play instruments, or even how to take myself seriously. Then in chimes the CC license, accompanied by a huge amount of music to inspire me and jumpstart my music career, the first 30 songs I ever did actually!
Without it, I would have never even made a song in the first place!

Please pick three tracks from your work that best represents you. Why did you choose them?

I’m sitting on a large number of new tracks that are definitely my best yet. I feel every song I do is better than the last. Better story, better delivery, and overall concepts.

But as far as available music I’ve released? I would say;

These three most accurately paint the pictures of three different points in my life. From how I view being an American, society, and how we, the people, treat life in general. From what I’ve seen throughout my travel within the states and down to just plain looking within and reflecting on who and what I want and am doing in life.
Unstoppable is kind of a knock on the mainstream popularity though.…well It IS that! Not kind of!

Can you tell us something about the creation process?
A lot of what I do comes from when I’m out and about, partying, or just in general public. I pay attention to multiple conversations at a time. After I break out my trusty smart phone and write down a few things that had grabbed my attention and creative interest. Sometimes I add them all as one and it becomes a song. Other times one of those memories becomes an entire project topic or even album concept.

Why do you give away the music for free?
You have to crawl before you walk right? That’s my attitude about it. That and I realized that without CC and/or free I wouldn’t have gotten here. I enjoy hearing remixes of my music and hearing what someone did with what I did on someone else’s piece. This is why I remain an “independent” artist.

How are you connected, networked within your country and worldwide?
Over the years I’ve worked with a lot of artists of all kinds from all over the globe. From Moscow, Russia to Mexico City, Mexico. With modern tech, it’s super easy to network and create with anyone. The hard part is finding the like-minded people to work with as a team. Without millions of dollars backing me, I’ve had to adapt and go against most human nature by being honest and punctual. This has helped the business side of my networking massively. Never over promise or under deliver is my idea. Musicians building with each other are really the way my network is and has been building to the point of having good contacts to take advantage of when the time is right all over the world.

Do you have new or upcoming works that can be interesting for listeners?

Of course! I’m always moving forward. I’ll be releasing tons of new music throughout 2016. I’ve been working real hard over the last 2 years. Between playing shows, creating music and family, I’ve been super busy. I’m happy to announce that I’m sitting on over 30 new and unreleased songs. Some for the ladies, some for the dudes, and some for the lovers and haters in life! I actually will be releasing a new single late January as a free download! Also, a lot of collaboration works available for download between now and when I release the upcoming album, “See Me Free”, Spring 2016. Some of which will only be mailing list exclusives so tune in for all those details soon.

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Thank you for the music, the interview and good luck with your family.