Spotlight: Lie Craze

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The Artist Spotlight features various excellent artists who release under a Creative Commons license or for free download.

This time we ask a few questions to Berlin based Lie Craze.

Please introduce yourself to our listeners.

My name is Lie Craze and I’m from Berlin. I make indie and electronic music, all handmade, I prefer rough edges instead of music that is all clean and “kaputtproduziert”.

What’s your focus with your music?
I focus a lot on the lyrics, words are very important to me.

How do you define and measure your success?
Success is a difficult word. I’m not really forcing or pushing it. What I want is to make music, I’m super bad in promoting myself and sell stuff, I would be the worst salesman you can probably imagine.
But it was never my main goal to make money out of my music.

What Creative Commons license are you using and why have you chosen it?
Of course it’s nice to sell some copies on e.g. Bandcamp to at least get the money back I put into it. But I strongly support the idea of Creative Commons, Open Source and community thinking. Everybody should be able to listen to my music and use it for their CC projects or simply share if they like it without getting a letter from some money making profit organisation who tells them to put it down. (Premise is of course they state the original artist’s name and don’t try to make money without discussing it with him/her, but that goes without saying if you’re following the philosophy of CC.)

Please pick three tracks from your work that best represents you. Why did you choose them? Can you tell us something about the creation process?
For the pick of three tracks I would choose:

“Wise Girls” is from my recent album “We won’t ever be saved here” from 2014. It’s just a fun song about going out as a girl and having a nice time without being bothered by guys.

“Oh Dare You” was already released in 2012 with a music video that gained some attention in the blogosphere. I mixed and recorded the vocals new for my last release.

“Not In Love” is a rather old song. It was on my debut album “Never Played With The Cool Kids” from 2009 and is basically about talking yourself into not loving someone, whereas the repetition of the phrase “I’m not in love” is like some sort of a spell you repeat as long until you finally believe it.

Why do you give away the music for free?
I think giving music away for free is just following the true idea of the internet before people started to make money out of it. And with streaming services such as Spotify it’s even more “normal” for people today to not or just pay little money for music. I use Spotify myself and as both – artist and listener – I know how little money goes to the actual musician. So if I really like an artist I try to support them differently, go to their concerts, buy their merch, get their album on bandcamp and stuff like this. Also for me it costs money to record, buy equipment, etc. But right now I still think it’s a privilege to have that opportunity to make music and share it with the world, so I don’t see the need to not give it away for free yet.

How are you connected, networked within your country and worldwide?

I connected with a few artists over the years, first of all bumbovsky with whom I worked on a lot of songs especially for my last album. Since 2014 I’m part of the US-based electronic music collective WEATNU. The german and especially Berlin music scene is very diverse. There’s also a lot of show-off, a lot of fake, a lot of envy, a lot of narcissism – at least in the visible part of it. I don’t fit in there and I always preferred the internet for my musical connections, and that’s where it all started, 7 years ago on Myspace.

Do you have new or upcoming works that can be interesting for listeners?
At the moment I’m working on a new EP but it will take some more time to be finished. Until then I recommend you to listen to my recent album “We won’t ever be saved here” and my debut album “Never Played With The Cool Kids”. You can find them on Bandcamp, Jamendo and As much as I like giving away my stuff for free, I’m also happy about donations, they help a lot creating new music πŸ™‚

Thank you very much for your answers. Hint: Buy the albums on Bandcamp.