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Since years we are working at starfrosch and have never asked you for a donation. We had long discussions and we are sure: This is the right time. We will walk this way without the sell out. Just remember: We spent a lot of money and endless hours over the last 10 years for starfrosch, but we not only want you to donate, we also would like to give you back some gifts.

That’s why we invented Donate to Boost (an artist).

starfrosch is about to boost free music to listeners and creators and we’re not doing a lousy job. We have a growing audience with thousands of listeners on the #hot100, radio and blog, with many Youtubers, Podcasters and Bloggers who share their favourite artists.

Everyone has his favourite track, everyone his favourite artist. With Donate to Boost you can support your favourite artist or yourself with
a significant boost:

  • #hot100 Spotlight
  • Radio Airplay
  • Review
  • All in One

At the same time, you are supporting us donating our free time, our enthusiasm, our passion, knowledge, expenses and infrastructure.

Donate to Boost  

Thank you very much and spread the love.