We have a new starfrosch blogger: Vertigo

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Vertigo is our next blogger from the starfrosch collective. He’s coming from outside the Creative Commons community, but has a undeniable music taste. So we’re happy to have him on board.

Ladies and gentleman, please welcome Mr. Movember Vertigo to starfrosch!

starfrosch: Could you tell me how you got into music?
Yup. When I was young, my mum was listening a lot to black music. So first, it was Soul and Blues, then black Pop, lead by Prince, Michael Jackson and Tina Turner. Of course, I was into the music, before even knowing about genres. Later Hip-Hop had a strong influence on me and my friends. In my early puberty I said goodbye to the dark violent side of Hip-Hop from the 90’s and stepped into worldmusic (also playing Didjeridoo and Fujara instrument). Not really ideal for dancing, I remained listening at home to worldmusic and sticked to the beats for clubs that were playing Drum’n’Bass, quickly after 2Step. After a long period, where I was more into sports than focusing to music, I found my new addiction: The guitar. Starting to play this instrument, I closed the circle and I’m back into blues or better bluesrock and stonersrock. For clubbing and dancing I still prefer electronic music. My newest discovery is all that NuWave, NuDisco, Deep House stuff that had an immense retro influence.

starfrosch: Where are you from and what’s your favorite place there?
Berne, for good rock concerts in the Reithalle RΓΆssli and for electronic sound Reithalle Dachstock and Dampfzentrale.

starfrosch: What makes music good in your opinion? What do you like?
Music is emotion. Music is art when it is about expressing your emotion and yourself.
There is a lot of energy in sounds, and even in modern music are strong archaic elements, that make you stop from your routine, and let you dive into your inner universe, for a short while at least.

starfrosch: Do you have other web projects running?
Yes. A climbing site: kletterwiki.ch. A blog about SEO: seomensch.com. And a webshop for survival stuff: bugout.ch. Last but not least a facebook page fb.com/vertigo365

starfrosch: What are the most important things in your life?
I guess everybody uses the “M” like music word here. Beside that, friends and the offline moments in nature.

starfrosch: What inspires you?
People that are expressing their-self, long before thinking about money.

starfrosch: That sounds interesting. Thank’s a lot for the interview and welcome to starfrosch. We’re looking forward for your first blog post.