We have a new starfrosch blogger: Vaganto



Vaganto is the new kid on the block at starfrosch. He will blog for you about his latest finds in Creative Commons music. We’re happy, Vaganto shares a similar taste in electronic music and fits very well into our growing collective.

Ladies and gentleman, please welcome Vaganto to starfrosch!

starfrosch: Could you tell me how you got into Creative Commons music?
Curiosity and the need to fill my Mp3 player. I was really rooting for homegrown productions and stubled upon sutemos.net and their Intelligent Toys compilation series (Serie 1, Serie 2, Serie 3). 8bit Peoples introduced me to my favs chiptune music.

starfrosch: Where are you from and what’s your favorite place there?
I am from Lithuania and the capital Vilnius is my favorite place to be, but now I live in the countryside with a lake and it is almost good.

starfrosch: What makes music good in your opinion? What do you like?
I listen to various styles of music and sometimes vibes that I feel make music good. I am too old to complain about music, I listen to some records from my collection, and when I’m tired I listen to another one: Chiptune, dub, trip-hop, hip-hop, latino, roots etc…eclectic stuff.

starfrosch: Do you have other web projects running?
It’s a secret work in progress… I hide it even from myself 🙂

starfrosch: What are the most important things in your life?
Music, creativity and travel.

starfrosch: What inspires you?
Everything that moves, lives…people I meet, places that I visit, spaces that I feel.

starfrosch: That sounds interesting. Thank’s a lot for the interview and welcome to starfrosch. We’re looking forward for your first blog post.