I want you

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I want you to blog with us. Get your opinion out to thousands of listeners every month. Currently I’m running starfrosch (Server, Blog, #hot100, Radio, Social Media) all alone and I want you to change this. No, I’m not overloaded. I’m just writing constantly “we” because I’m used to and I’m looking for new bloggers to constantly publish more blog posts about Creative Commons music, mostly from the #hot100 charts.

Want to blog with me? Want to join starfrosch? Want to take it to the next level? Here’s what I’m looking for.

  • Your an addicted music aficianado
  • You speak and love to write english
  • You know what a review is
  • You know what a CMS and WordPress is (or are willing to learn)
  • You like Creative Commons (or are willing to dig into)
  • Your attitude is cyberpunk
  • You feel free like free in freedom


Join Switzerlands finest. Contact me, I want to write we again. Tweet me or Facebook me. And yes: We’re still Switzerlands first podcast, Switzerlands biggest music blog, Switzerlands longest running music blog, Wired approved, Worlds first Creative Commons #hot100 charts, pink elephant hating unicorn radio.