Top 10 Tracks from the #hot100

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Have you ever wondered, what the most downloaded tracks on the #hot111 charts are? We have measured it and can present you, the most downloaded tracks on the #hot111 charts and we can say: The chart position heavily influences the download rate. The higher a tracks ranks on the #hot111 charts, the more people listen to it and download the track.

So please enjoy the most downloaded track on the #hot111 charts. If you’re interested in the yearly #hot100 charts, head over to the 2015 #hot100 mp3 download charts.

Efek Rumah Kaca – Download Biru

D.O.M. – Download The Method

K-391 – Download Triple Rush


Mandragora – Download The Cat

Leoni a Jato – Download Amar u pouco mais

LukHash – Download The other side

Rameses B – Download Kiss me

Rameses B – Download Bae Bae

Trapdoor Records – Download (dc) Visions


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