Laika’s Music for Linux Users – Penguin #1

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You already know Laika, one of our friendly starfrosch listeners. She loves Creative Commons music and created the compilation Music for Linux Users she wants to share with you. Just because we like Laika, Creative Commons music, Sharing and Linux, we’re proud to share this compilation with you.

Have a lot of fun with the first part of Penguin #1.

Download Professor Kliq – Plastic and Flashing Lights

Download WeAreCastor – Kodo

Download The Grammar Club – Sex Person

Download Aspencat – L’herΓ¨ncia

Download Emerald Park – The Commonfield

Download Lucky Criminal – The Indifference

Download – Severn Suzuki

Download Thunderclash – Ronja RΓΆvardotter

Download LukHash – PixeLove

Download Uniform Motion – The Telefone Box

You played around with Penguin Nr. 1, we can’t wait until Penguin 2 is born and we maybe have then some more information about Laika. Stay tuned.